Append Issues/Patches section to readme
db7f63cc — builds.sr.ht a month ago
Update ci to release-0.2.0
dfba4401 — builds.sr.ht 3 months ago
Update ci to release-0.1.1
fcb454ad — builds.sr.ht 3 months ago
Update varchunk to release-0.4.0
fc46fa25 — builds.sr.ht 3 months ago
Squashed 'subprojects/varchunk/' changes from 3d8d747..a344f02

a344f02 release-0.4.0
d771dbd Update secrets in ci recipe, add archive sign step

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/varchunk
git-subtree-split: a344f0297b3e2ad80a7fe552ade8c1548a4db6c4
Fix compiler warnings
ci: update to alpine 3.18, add sign step
Fix compiler warnings
5278d80e — builds.sr.ht 9 months ago
Update nk_pugl to release-0.2.0
0dbff6d8 — builds.sr.ht 9 months ago
Squashed 'subprojects/nk_pugl/' changes from ae5a74e..c308923

c308923 release-0.2.0
9679b58 Silence clang warnings
f1fd7fe Merge commit '617300d4f651cdfeb1dd0e967151881c2d2a1b57'
617300d Squashed 'nuklear/' changes from 665b2668..d5817649
2e521e3 Make reuse compliant, add ci build recipe

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/nk_pugl
git-subtree-split: c30892366d00593e34e58e062d2c4573011a3a1c
0fb38915 — builds.sr.ht 9 months ago
Squashed 'subprojects/varchunk/' changes from f51441d..3d8d747

3d8d747 release-0.2.2
5a87ddc Readd missing base include directory

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/varchunk
git-subtree-split: 3d8d7477a23c82c81a7999a4d8280545e1e12e3b
3921d740 — builds.sr.ht 9 months ago
Squashed 'subprojects/varchunk/' changes from 42c947e..f51441d

f51441d release-0.2.0
2782f9a Add support for static analyzer to ci recipe
d9cf9d0 Fix clang compiler warnings
61fa626 Add support for meson test suite memcheck
586b41c Update ci recipe

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/varchunk
git-subtree-split: f51441d9c05cdc57c7fc9618508ef01905ae7f3f
Add ci build recipe
Squashed 'subprojects/varchunk/' content from commit 42c947e3

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/varchunk
git-subtree-split: 42c947e3fc14a7cc20c2ac41f568306cca0085b1
Make reuse compatible, use subprojects