0d03ddbb — builds.sr.ht 28 days ago master
Update ci to release-0.1.1
5f72b033 — builds.sr.ht 6 months ago
Update mapper.lv2 to release-0.2.0
5a9155d2 — builds.sr.ht 6 months ago
Squashed 'subprojects/mapper.lv2/' changes from 8d49749..04e9297

04e9297 release-0.2.0
52c1119 Ignore unknown/ignored attributes on clang
6ad6365 Add support for ci utils and memcheck test suite
3c7d012 remove superfluous gitlab ci recipes
cd6d1c8 add reuse dependency to ci recipe
652c489 add forge build recipe
8cb53ee cleanup readme
ab9f764 cleanup readme
38c626b cleanup readme
b5075b2 cleanup readme
22099fd cleanup readme

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/mapper.lv2
git-subtree-split: 04e9297450cfc1b86b86d53d9960e3e01daade4d
64537033 — builds.sr.ht 6 months ago
Squashed 'subprojects/varchunk/' changes from f51441d..3d8d747

3d8d747 release-0.2.2
5a87ddc Readd missing base include directory

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/varchunk
git-subtree-split: 3d8d7477a23c82c81a7999a4d8280545e1e12e3b
0f5adb56 — builds.sr.ht 6 months ago
Squashed 'subprojects/varchunk/' changes from c8859b9..f51441d

f51441d release-0.2.0
2782f9a Add support for static analyzer to ci recipe
d9cf9d0 Fix clang compiler warnings
61fa626 Add support for meson test suite memcheck
586b41c Update ci recipe
42c947e remove superfluous gitlab ci recipes
0515525 add reuse dependency to build ci recipe
bea58e6 Add .build.yml
3522fe9 cleanup readme
98b5da5 cleanup readme
e2bde47 cleanup readme
457ffd1 cleanup readme
c8349e7 cleanup readme

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/varchunk
git-subtree-split: f51441d9c05cdc57c7fc9618508ef01905ae7f3f
Add build-tests configure option
Update CI badge in readme
Update CI recipe
add linux-headers dependency to ci recipe
use unsigned instead of useconds_t for musl
add sr.ht build recipe
Add aarch64 symbols to whitelist
put state:restore into wrap