A just-for-fun LV2 plugin bundle
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#Shells Bells

#A just-for-fun LV2 plugin bundle

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The most limited, useless, hackable and fun plugin bundle ever. Sound the bell in the shell (or from any program forked from the latter) to send a MIDI note.





Its UI drops you into a shell and whenever you sound the bell, a MIDI note is played back on its DSP side.

#Build / install
git clone https://git.open-music-kontrollers.ch/~hp/shells_bells.lv2
cd shells_bells.lv2
meson build
cd build
ninja -j4
ninja test
sudo ninja install

On hi-DPI displays, the UI scales automatically if you have set the correct DPI in your ~/.Xresources.

Xft.dpi: 200

If not, you can manually set your DPI via environmental variable D2TK_SCALE:

export D2TK_SCALE=200