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e210da38 — builds.sr.ht 7 months ago
Update ci to release-0.1.0
Update ci to release-0.0.0
b26c542a — builds.sr.ht 1 year, 1 month ago
Update nk_pugl to release-0.2.0
6ddcc537 — builds.sr.ht 1 year, 1 month ago
Squashed 'subprojects/nk_pugl/' changes from ae5a74e..c308923

c308923 release-0.2.0
9679b58 Silence clang warnings
f1fd7fe Merge commit '617300d4f651cdfeb1dd0e967151881c2d2a1b57'
617300d Squashed 'nuklear/' changes from 665b2668..d5817649
2e521e3 Make reuse compliant, add ci build recipe

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/nk_pugl
git-subtree-split: c30892366d00593e34e58e062d2c4573011a3a1c
add missing ttl prefix for options
remove deprecated ui:resize feature/extension
meson: fixes for updated nk_pugl.
Squashed 'subprojects/nk_pugl/' changes from 26868708..ae5a74ee

ae5a74ee meson: add root dir to include dirs.

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/nk_pugl
git-subtree-split: ae5a74eeabca8a448497763f6f596c8b05099bc1
Squashed 'subprojects/nk_pugl/' changes from 2f43d058..26868708

26868708 Merge commit '2acfaf8a9d27d8b9938f610db033ce1fdc8bed65'
2acfaf8a Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 9a38c762..a5e1f34e

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/nk_pugl
git-subtree-split: 26868708dc0f4a8e1938229a109d8be176096f27
nk: use new scale API.
Squashed 'subprojects/nk_pugl/' changes from 383d2f42..2f43d058

2f43d058 redesign nk_pugl_get_scale API for standalone usage.
b2593ae8 Use pugl's native Display handle.

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/nk_pugl
git-subtree-split: 2f43d0588f1930c70a832f7e00d15bfb1a5c8e94