76403d01 — builds.sr.ht 9 days ago master
Update d2tk to release-0.4.2
4be1fcb4 — builds.sr.ht 9 days ago
Squashed 'subprojects/d2tk/' changes from b07b66c..af17e30

af17e30 Merge commit '16a2d741c4be2a8c26e510000973dbdf08f3ac79'
16a2d74 Squashed 'nanovg/' changes from 997c861c1..2505c7b2b
601655f Fix crash in vterm upon non-implemented callbacks

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/d2tk
git-subtree-split: af17e3063c6eacb501370dbc5129c4a437c6eb84
433d76d4 — builds.sr.ht 15 days ago
Update d2tk to release-0.4.0
6111b91d — builds.sr.ht 15 days ago
Squashed 'subprojects/d2tk/' changes from 55c66de..b07b66c

b07b66c release-0.4.0
749eaf5 Fix d2tk_frontend_get_size API

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/d2tk
git-subtree-split: b07b66c1f98a4f3837dc7915e2f1bd36617de66b
1ab986c6 — builds.sr.ht 15 days ago
Update d2tk to release-0.2.0
aabd0939 — builds.sr.ht 15 days ago
Squashed 'subprojects/d2tk/' changes from 28a753f..55c66de

55c66de release-0.2.0
b425650 Fix typo in ci recipe scan-build options
b01076c Fix clang warninngs
c2b59fd Add libinput event types from >=1.19
c9371e1 Fix analyzer warning
1fdb0ba Add support for scan_build options in ci recipe
cf64bb9 Disable building of examples in ci recipe
8d3a930 Merge commit 'e634e0d900f02c2f74603c807870c50e60e021bf'
e634e0d Squashed 'linenoise/' changes from 9dfa3862c..f4b607038
7bf38d7 Make clone callbacks always inline
f2f69ba Fixes for clang compiler
3c1e023 Add memcheck and static analyzer to ci recipe
7a7caf5 Fix clang compiler warnings
6696a4e Add deploy stage to ci recipe
7047c8d Fix settermprop return value and mouse mode
857f7fd Only trigger email upon failures
c0c69c8 Add build recipes for alpine
0d875fb beautify build recipe

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/d2tk
git-subtree-split: 55c66deb503a728b4c3636ca7af819908a2ab881
50812f8a — builds.sr.ht 17 days ago
Update props.lv2 to release-0.2.0
4bec11ce — builds.sr.ht 17 days ago
Squashed 'subprojects/props.lv2/' changes from 769060d..3d8c0b6

3d8c0b6 release-0.2.0
6712ae2 Migrate to common ci recipes

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/props.lv2
git-subtree-split: 3d8c0b629364788a18a4c6f025b57c614cc7db4a
ff6d1dac — builds.sr.ht 17 days ago
Update ser_atom.lv2 to release-0.2.0
a94fdddc — builds.sr.ht 17 days ago
Squashed 'subprojects/ser_atom.lv2/' changes from 7ec4f83..ed4609e

ed4609e release-0.2.0
ba83b02 Migrate to common ci recipes

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/ser_atom.lv2
git-subtree-split: ed4609e9a5718809ef4a479502e0422ccf019679
Remove superfluous COPYING file
Update ci badge
Squashed 'subprojects/ser_atom.lv2/' content from commit 7ec4f8309

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/ser_atom.lv2
git-subtree-split: 7ec4f8309df4d380b2a858d8ac75c38a639430c8
Merge commit '96262f5bce64cc4f3879a1771b2e8eb400ba76fd' as 'subprojects/ser_atom.lv2'
Squashed 'subprojects/props.lv2/' content from commit 769060d7b

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/props.lv2
git-subtree-split: 769060d7beedaf0dc848d25947c28897eacf5196
Merge commit '62c2db43db932a26adba7da09bfa1cde89fe2376' as 'subprojects/props.lv2'
Make reuse compatible and use subprojects
update build recipe for updated d2tk
Squashed 'subprojects/d2tk/' changes from 45140bbc5..28a753f44

28a753f44 add sr.ht build recipe
d0f344928 cleanup readme
85094ee19 cleanup readme
f1a4a003d cleanup readme
392c83e3b update readme
dc72b1980 fix last commit
80a324cdf rename config.h to d2tk_config.h
00b04cd7c remove glew dep, add gles version config option
0230ba5b3 finalize glfw frontend
882775229 base: support empty layout elements
94b78beb2 base: add d2tk_base_get_core to API
2f16a1d45 register glfw window close callback
40ef0b650 add missing include for PATH_MAX
bdab9ffdf add missing include for ssize_t
5cffed4b2 update mum hash
91b33d4c1 meson: enable lto by default
050d33af5 meson: use meson.current_source_dir
1d403090c spdx: put contact address in angle brackets
b09c4ec61 doc: readd Doxyfile
ec349f3b0 readme: update
1c88f7036 make compliant with REUSE spec 3.0

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/d2tk
git-subtree-split: 28a753f44b51a2077da6720219637191f37fe2f3