Append Issues/Patches section to readme
1958fd3e — builds.sr.ht a month ago
Update ci to release-0.2.0
8b52c081 — builds.sr.ht 3 months ago
Update ci to release-0.1.1
ci: update to alpine 3.18, add sign step
Ignore unknown/ignored attributes on clang
Add support for ci utils and memcheck test suite
remove superfluous gitlab ci recipes
add reuse dependency to ci recipe
add forge build recipe
meson: switch to gnu11 for asm on aarch64
fix heap memory overflow found by sanitizer
Squashed 'gitlab-ci/' changes from d20b0cd..327b305

327b305 Define dynamic VERSION env var

git-subtree-dir: gitlab-ci
git-subtree-split: 327b305ea86c1db6d49b2fe259068cdc30b1ba80