e27f6697 — builds.sr.ht 17 days ago master
Update props.lv2 to release-0.2.0
2b31771c — builds.sr.ht 17 days ago
Squashed 'subprojects/props.lv2/' changes from 769060d..3d8c0b6

3d8c0b6 release-0.2.0
6712ae2 Migrate to common ci recipes

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/props.lv2
git-subtree-split: 3d8c0b629364788a18a4c6f025b57c614cc7db4a
238bd8ed — builds.sr.ht 17 days ago
Update netatom.lv2 to release-0.2.0
5cabed55 — builds.sr.ht 17 days ago
Squashed 'subprojects/netatom.lv2/' changes from 6fd57a7..7632699

7632699 release-0.2.0
18d3849 Fixes for clang compilation
e69f9ae Migrate ci recipe to use ci repo

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/netatom.lv2
git-subtree-split: 763269911e203a02ad5561e4ae8d54265692562e
3cc98932 — builds.sr.ht 18 days ago
Squashed 'subprojects/varchunk/' changes from f51441d..3d8d747

3d8d747 release-0.2.2
5a87ddc Readd missing base include directory

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/varchunk
git-subtree-split: 3d8d7477a23c82c81a7999a4d8280545e1e12e3b
a9b61836 — builds.sr.ht 18 days ago
Squashed 'subprojects/varchunk/' changes from 42c947e..f51441d

f51441d release-0.2.0
2782f9a Add support for static analyzer to ci recipe
d9cf9d0 Fix clang compiler warnings
61fa626 Add support for meson test suite memcheck
586b41c Update ci recipe

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/varchunk
git-subtree-split: f51441d9c05cdc57c7fc9618508ef01905ae7f3f
Fix more compiler warnings
Prefer static linking in CI recipe
Update CI badge in readme
Make reuse compatible
Fix compiler warnings
Squashed 'subprojects/netatom.lv2/' changes from cde8c82..6fd57a7

6fd57a7 Rename netatom dependency to netatom_lv2

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/netatom.lv2
git-subtree-split: 6fd57a7c2719b9b3f91632ab9fe6dc44c9018432
Migrate to subprojects
Squashed 'subprojects/netatom.lv2/' content from commit cde8c82

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/netatom.lv2
git-subtree-split: cde8c820f3cff9da59339ec9bb597671218df83d
Merge commit '26bf0433f5910e9b28b8d261ddeca0d037647ba3' as 'subprojects/netatom.lv2'
Squashed 'subprojects/props.lv2/' content from commit 769060d

git-subtree-dir: subprojects/props.lv2
git-subtree-split: 769060d7beedaf0dc848d25947c28897eacf5196
Merge commit '6dbcead93fff5fbd0910b47bc21b615f21ba1368' as 'subprojects/props.lv2'