Remove -ffast-math
Append Issues/Patches section to readme
c68efc28 — builds.sr.ht 6 months ago
Update ci to release-0.1.0
Update ci to release-0.0.0
midi_in: fix 14bit derivation.
Squashed 'canvas.lv2/' changes from 0263395..9312797

9312797 add define to skip nanovg implementation.

git-subtree-dir: canvas.lv2
git-subtree-split: 93127979df1af3f7e5f8ef4f255ba2d6366d893c
Squashed 'canvas.lv2/' changes from b700b88..0263395

0263395 include render_cairo.h in idisp.h.

git-subtree-dir: canvas.lv2
git-subtree-split: 02633952fb6fbbd1cd85242f3eef14e85f39c733
Squashed 'canvas.lv2/' changes from 7b775b4..b700b88

b700b88 Use GLES3, deprecate direct inclusion of render.h.

git-subtree-dir: canvas.lv2
git-subtree-split: b700b88f86069d4ee1cdf1b3780a0e4796269134
Squashed 'props.lv2/' changes from e142214..b0f93f3

b0f93f3 always clear temporary memory in save before fill.
e2f4694 ttl: update license URI
7721efd prototype patch:Patch and dynamic parameters.

git-subtree-dir: props.lv2
git-subtree-split: b0f93f3e71521baf203cc3f0246387301ac3d3d0
ttl: update license URI
Squashed 'osc.lv2/' changes from fe9cf41..d23e621

d23e621 make all functions static inline.

git-subtree-dir: osc.lv2
git-subtree-split: d23e621f8fc772a7e87c6fb8f0c4fa90b08733ad
Squashed 'props.lv2/' changes from 95d12eb..e142214

e142214 use state:freePath, copy atom:Path files from tmpfs.

git-subtree-dir: props.lv2
git-subtree-split: e142214bbd6f55721d3179a476afe8692dcad063