Export Edje programs to a yuv4mpeg2 or ARGB stream
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A program to export Edje programs (layout/animation library of the Enlightenment foundation libraries) to a yuv4mpeg2 or ARGB stream for further processing with e.g. FFmpeg and integration into films or presentations.



  • EFL (Enlightenment foundation Libraries)
  • mjpegtools (MJPEG Tools)
  • ffmpeg (FFmpeg multimedia framework)

#Build Dependencies

sudo apt-get install libefl-all-dev libswscale-dev libmjpegtools-dev
sudo pacman -S efl ffmpeg mjpegtools

#Build / install

git clone https://github.com/ventosus/edje2yuv.git
cd edje2yuv 
meson build
cd build
ninja -j4
sudo ninja install


Please report issues to https://todo.open-music-kontrollers.ch/~hp/issues

Please submit patches to https://lists.open-music-kontrollers.ch/~hp/patches