A DfuSe packer (USB device firmware upgrade STMicroelectronics extension)
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#A DfuSe packer (USB device firmware upgrade STMicroelectronics extension)

This command line utility lets you pack raw binary firmware images into a DfuSe image container to be downloaded by any compatible flasher. The ideal companion to extend your automated build and release infrastructure based on DfuSe containers.


#Build / install

meson build
cd build
ninja -j4
sudo ninja install


  • mandatory (type)
    • -o output image (string)
    • -a target alternate setting (decimal 8-bit integer)
    • -i image raw binary (string)
  • optional (type) [default]
    • -n target name (string) ['\0']
    • -m image memory target (hexadecimal 32-bit integer) [0x00000000]
    • -f firmware version (hexadecimal 16-bit integer) [0xffff]
    • -p product ID (hexadecimal 16-bit integer) [0xdf11]
    • -v vendor ID (hexadecimal 16-bit integer) [0x0483]
  • help
    • -h


You need to provide at least one alternate setting with at least one image and an output for the program to succeed. Some command line arguments can occur multiple times ([-a], [-n], [-m], [-i]) and some must be given in the correct order: The memory target [-m] must precede its associated image file [-i]. The latter two and the target name [-n] must precede their associated alternate setting [-a].

A minimal working example using all the defaults for omitted arguments:

dfuse_pack \
	-o firmware.dfu \
		-i image.bin \
	-a 0

A more complex one based on two images for alternate setting 0 and a single image for alternate setting 1:

dfuse_pack \
	-f 0x0100 \
	-p 0xdf11 \
	-v 0x0483 \
	-o firmware.dfu \
		-n "INTERNAL FLASH of my awesome app v0.1.0" \
		-m 0x08000000 -i boot.bin \
		-m 0x08005000 -i code.bin \
	-a 0 \
		-n "OPTION BYTES of my awesome app v0.1.0" \
		-m 0x1ffff8000 -i options.bin \
	-a 1


DfuSe file specification: DfuSe USB device firmware upgrade STMicroelectronics extension

DfuSe compatible open source flasher: dfu-util


Please report issues to https://todo.open-music-kontrollers.ch/~hp/issues

Please submit patches to https://lists.open-music-kontrollers.ch/~hp/patches