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876e698b — builds.sr.ht 6 months ago
Update ci to release-0.1.0
Update ci to release-0.0.0
remove superfluous stuff.

* arp
* dhcpc
* mdns-sd
* sntp
* ptp
* tuio1
* scsynth
* dummy
* custom
* ipv4ll
add missing break in switch statement.
fix compilation with gcc-11.
update build status link in REAME.
update gitlab ci recipe.
extend gitlab ci recipe.
prototype gitlab ci recipe.
fix sensor number range in OSC API.
get rid of INFINITY min/max ranges in OSC API.
set default MIDI controller to SC1 (0x46) for MPE.
update travis recipe.
dump firmware version in releasor.
support 'b'lob type output for oscmidi engine.