Append Issues/Patches section to readme
ac1391c5 — builds.sr.ht 6 months ago
Update ci to release-0.1.0
Update ci to release-0.0.0
bugfix in keys_neutral, tidy up Makefile
add choice for different engravings and preview output
rotate FCC, CE labels, change 6VDC to 5VDC for new 3v3 version
add README.md and licensing
small updates to case scripts
more compact design, simpler keys overlay, add OMK logo
small updates to WIYnet W5500 breakout
new keys layout, CE+FCC logos, cleaned up Makefile, add ponoko templates
chimaera case: full compatibility with QCAD open source version
bug fix: wrong path
13f27fe8 — Hanspeter Portner 10 years ago
migrate from a QCAD library script to a QCAD custom app implementation
2e9a329e — Hanspeter Portner 10 years ago
get rid of hard link
9913a27b — Hanspeter Portner 10 years ago
introduce multiline for scripts to work with open source version without polylines
scale down OSHW logo
dynamic exploding text labels
AD75019 Rev2. case exploded labels.