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54649936 — builds.sr.ht 6 months ago
Update ci to release-0.1.0
Update ci to release-0.0.0
Squashed 'canvas.lv2/' changes from 0263395..9312797

9312797 add define to skip nanovg implementation.

git-subtree-dir: canvas.lv2
git-subtree-split: 93127979df1af3f7e5f8ef4f255ba2d6366d893c
Squashed 'canvas.lv2/' changes from b700b88..0263395

0263395 include render_cairo.h in idisp.h.

git-subtree-dir: canvas.lv2
git-subtree-split: 02633952fb6fbbd1cd85242f3eef14e85f39c733
use correct canvas render header includes.
Squashed 'canvas.lv2/' changes from 7b775b4..b700b88

b700b88 Use GLES3, deprecate direct inclusion of render.h.

git-subtree-dir: canvas.lv2
git-subtree-split: b700b88f86069d4ee1cdf1b3780a0e4796269134
ttl: add missing required feature ui:parent.
ttl: update license URI
Squashed 'canvas.lv2/' changes from 8bfdb96..7b775b4

7b775b4 Merge commit 'c00e344295fd25da16cbdbe52b681cf46d0d27a6' into master
c00e344 Squashed 'gitlab-ci/' changes from eeba83f..b03a3c0
47eab2c Merge commit 'b5ae3adbd83ba755446c5db43db2c981dcd92abc' as 'gitlab-ci'
b5ae3ad Squashed 'gitlab-ci/' content from commit eeba83f

git-subtree-dir: canvas.lv2
git-subtree-split: 7b775b4b0d55bc6287db46731daf5309f810d92e
gitlab-ci: update recipe to include generic one.
Squashed 'gitlab-ci/' changes from eeba83f..b03a3c0

b03a3c0 define global variables.

git-subtree-dir: gitlab-ci
git-subtree-split: b03a3c0c20181a70144e989ec7aa3dd96fa71f59