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## About us

### Who?

We are a small manufactury designing free/libre and open hardware and software to provide you with adaptable human-machine interfaces in the domain of expressive sound generation and arts.

Our products do not have a specific target audience, we serve the whole spectrum from the maker community to musicians and artists.

### Why?

Over ages, physical musical instruments have been used to create fantastic music full of expressiveness, and those instruments are really good at it, as they are capable to produce the most subtle expressive variations of sound. One reason they can produce such rich sounds is the tight connection of the player with the instrument.

Since decades, electronic instruments and synthesizers are used to produce music, too. However, those instruments seldom lack ways to produce expressive sounds on-the-fly, which disables those instruments to transmit emotions as efficiently as their acoustic counterparts in the first place. One reason for these incapabilities is the loose connection of the musician with the machine, e.g. synthesizer.

### How?

The way we would like to change things is by providing adaptable, on-the-fly reprogrammable, low-latency, highly sensitive and expressive music controllers which are able to more tightly connect musicians and artists with their machines.

We know that setups that work well for one user may well not be suitable for everybody. We think that it is more efficient that a controller adapts to its player than the other way around. Our designs and communication protocols therefore are all open, we deliberately give you the ability to change things to suit your needs. We do provide you with standard setups and usage scenarios, but we do not think that this is enough, from our point of view, it is essential to provide you with the tools to change them easily, too.

**We only support free/libre platforms**, please do not bother us with support requests for proprietary platforms.