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2015-09-22exit synthpod if audio engine did not start.Hanspeter Portner-3/+1
2015-09-19remove debug prints in last commit.Hanspeter Portner-6/+0
2015-09-19prototype ramping upon module ejection.Hanspeter Portner-46/+110
2015-09-17fix several memory leaks.Hanspeter Portner-11/+24
2015-09-17fix warnings reported by -Wextra.Hanspeter Portner-69/+69
2015-09-17fix warnings reported by -Wshadow.Hanspeter Portner-30/+30
2015-09-17fix warnings reported by -Wall.Hanspeter Portner-61/+0
2015-09-17fix bugs reported by clang static analyzer.Hanspeter Portner-57/+19
2015-09-12remove GUI build option, add GUI cli argument.Hanspeter Portner-478/+507
* remove GUI build option * add command line argument to disable GUI * split man page in two.
2015-09-11implement synthpod_alsa and commonize code.Hanspeter Portner-16/+16
* implement synthpod_alsa * commonize code with synthpod_jack
2015-09-10implement nominalBlockLength and optionsInterface.Hanspeter Portner-54/+266
* notify plugins via optionsInterfaces about changed: * minBlockLength * nominalBlockLength * reinitialize plugins upon new maxBlockLength * resize Audio/CV buffers upon new maxBlockLength * add JACK callback for block length changes * add JACK callback for sample range changes
2015-08-16outsource lilv_new_uri where possible.Hanspeter Portner-44/+54
2015-08-11cleanup bundle path upon saving.Hanspeter Portner-16/+79
2015-08-10implement make_path for module instantiate.Hanspeter Portner-1/+23
2015-08-08fix JACK transport implementation.Hanspeter Portner-16/+4
2015-08-07fix symbol visibility.Hanspeter Portner-25/+31
2015-08-07small improvements.Hanspeter Portner-50/+77
2015-08-07optimize smart slider math.Hanspeter Portner-15/+23
2015-08-02audio ramps working for port (dis)connect.Hanspeter Portner-2/+2
2015-08-02prototype per/connection audio ramps.Hanspeter Portner-63/+114
2015-08-01prototype audio ramps for clickless (dis)connect.Hanspeter Portner-0/+59
2015-07-25implement JACK session management.Hanspeter Portner-5/+17
2015-07-22only add sequence events if there is enough space.Hanspeter Portner-15/+32
2015-07-21extend patcher to (dis)connect all sources|sinks.Hanspeter Portner-0/+113
2015-07-19fix ASSUME_ALIGNED macro.Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
2015-07-19implement new/open/import/save/saveAs/export/closeHanspeter Portner-27/+299
2015-07-15migrate clock_sync.lv2 to osc.lv2.Hanspeter Portner-6/+6
2015-07-14prototype clock_sync.Hanspeter Portner-1/+12
2015-07-08advance menu.Hanspeter Portner-27/+17
2015-07-08prototype menu.Hanspeter Portner-3/+80
2015-07-06compiler check for __builtin_assume_aligned.Hanspeter Portner-1/+13
2015-07-05add __builtin_assume_aligned at different places.Hanspeter Portner-35/+100
2015-07-04activate instance at last.Hanspeter Portner-1/+2
2015-07-04merge readable/writable properties into one list.Hanspeter Portner-151/+90
* use Eina_List for static properties * sorted according to property URID
2015-07-03use proper port types in state_save.Hanspeter Portner-22/+52
* use proper port types in state_save * Bool * Int * Float * prevent sending of redundant change signals in * smart_toggle * smart_slider * smart_spinner
2015-07-02remove unused argument from zero worker functions.Hanspeter Portner-6/+4
2015-07-02implement uninterrupted state saving.Hanspeter Portner-6/+25
2015-07-01add check for continuous ports with scale points.Hanspeter Portner-34/+46
2015-07-01fix wrong image function usage for elm_icon.Hanspeter Portner-5/+3
2015-07-01add work around for bug in elementary1.8 genlist.Hanspeter Portner-3/+3
2015-07-01use proper TREE type for group genlist item.Hanspeter Portner-28/+71
2015-07-01add check for elementary>=1.10Hanspeter Portner-0/+2
2015-06-30how plugin UID in modlist title.Hanspeter Portner-1/+4
2015-06-29Merge branch 'master' of /media/sdext/omk/synthpodHanspeter Portner-50/+167
2015-06-29support dynamic system ports.Hanspeter Portner-50/+167
2015-06-27cast for 32-bit platforms.Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
2015-06-27support lv2:minorVersion and lv2:microVersion.Hanspeter Portner-10/+43
2015-06-25remove background_loading routine.Hanspeter Portner-15/+5
2015-06-25add support for deprecated external-ui URI.Hanspeter Portner-4/+9
2015-06-23allocate single aggregate port buffer per plugin.Hanspeter Portner-19/+58
* each port gets a slice from the buffer * ordered according to control/audio/cv/atom buffers * potentially more efficient to lookup/dereference for the plugin