path: root/bin/synthpod_alsa.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2015-09-22exit synthpod if audio engine did not start.Hanspeter Portner-14/+28
2015-09-19add check for empty ini struct.Hanspeter Portner-28/+30
2015-09-18change synthpod_alsa config from json to ini.Hanspeter Portner-71/+39
2015-09-17prototype config file support for synthpod_alsa.Hanspeter Portner-0/+91
2015-09-17fix several memory leaks.Hanspeter Portner-2/+3
2015-09-17fix warnings reported by -Wextra.Hanspeter Portner-1/+4
2015-09-17fix warnings reported by -Wall.Hanspeter Portner-3/+3
2015-09-16support seq_size in synthpod_alsa cli args.Hanspeter Portner-2/+4
2015-09-16add support for OSC timestamping to synthpod_alsa.Hanspeter Portner-6/+135
2015-09-16add single cli argument for in/out device.Hanspeter Portner-6/+28
2015-09-16use "hw:0" as default device in synthpod_alsa.Hanspeter Portner-3/+3
2015-09-16add -d(ebug) cli argument to synthpod_alsa.Hanspeter Portner-2/+8
2015-09-16fix infinite looping in alsa pcm loop.Hanspeter Portner-5/+1
2015-09-15shorten cli license heading.Hanspeter Portner-7/+6
2015-09-12remove GUI build option, add GUI cli argument.Hanspeter Portner-31/+21
2015-09-12add more conditionals for synthpod_alsa.Hanspeter Portner-4/+8
2015-09-12add condition to check for alsa channel overflow.Hanspeter Portner-2/+3
2015-09-12tidy up synthpod_alsa.Hanspeter Portner-42/+15
2015-09-12remove rtmidi plugin. improve synthpod_alsa.Hanspeter Portner-31/+92
2015-09-11implement synthpod_alsa and commonize code.Hanspeter Portner-63/+493
2015-09-09add default values to cli args doc.Hanspeter Portner-6/+6
2015-09-03add default define, add 2 channel mode.Hanspeter Portner-5/+11
2015-08-17add C wrapper for zita-alsa-pcmi.Hanspeter Portner-0/+222