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2016-03-17add check for elementary >= 1.13.0.Hanspeter Portner-0/+4
2016-02-12removed superfluous state files.Hanspeter Portner-1/+0
2015-12-18prototype synthpod_dummy.Hanspeter Portner-1/+2
2015-12-10add cmake check for stdatomic support.Hanspeter Portner-0/+18
2015-11-01update to lilv 0.22.0.Hanspeter Portner-0/+3
2015-09-28cpack: fix typo.Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
2015-09-25add changelog, gzip it and also man pages.Hanspeter Portner-22/+25
2015-09-25add relro.Hanspeter Portner-1/+3
2015-09-25remove -Wredundant-decls.Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
2015-09-25define sonames for libs, updated dependencies.Hanspeter Portner-3/+21
2015-09-24prototype cpack.Hanspeter Portner-0/+25
2015-09-17fix warnings reported by -Wextra.Hanspeter Portner-3/+2
2015-09-17fix warnings reported by -Wshadow.Hanspeter Portner-1/+6
2015-09-17fix warnings reported by -Wall.Hanspeter Portner-2/+2
2015-09-12remove GUI build option, add GUI cli argument.Hanspeter Portner-11/+6
* remove GUI build option * add command line argument to disable GUI * split man page in two.
2015-09-12add linker flag for residency.Hanspeter Portner-0/+1
2015-09-11implement synthpod_alsa and commonize code.Hanspeter Portner-2/+0
* implement synthpod_alsa * commonize code with synthpod_jack
2015-08-16prototype synthpod_alsa.Hanspeter Portner-0/+3
2015-08-07fix symbol visibility.Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
2015-07-06add discovery of compiler vectorization support.Hanspeter Portner-4/+10
2015-07-05add __builtin_assume_aligned at different places.Hanspeter Portner-2/+5
2015-07-01add check for elementary>=1.10Hanspeter Portner-0/+4
2015-06-27support lv2:minorVersion and lv2:microVersion.Hanspeter Portner-1/+4
2015-06-18outsource synthpod sink/source as private bundle.Hanspeter Portner-0/+7
2015-06-11cosmetics.Hanspeter Portner-2/+2
2015-06-09add info popup.Hanspeter Portner-0/+3
2015-06-07fix build recipe for non-gui executables.Hanspeter Portner-0/+4
2015-06-07fix bug in sp_app_state_restore.Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
* set system.{source,sink} to NULL if host should call port_connect (e.g. Ardour does) while loading a preset.
2015-06-06migrate to file-based state storage/retrieval.Hanspeter Portner-0/+2
* synthpod binary and LV2 plugin use the same mechanism and are thus interchangeable * state saved by binary can be loaded as LV2 preset * state saved as LV2 preset can be loaded with binary
2015-06-04add preset saving. remove hardcoded paths.Hanspeter Portner-1/+10
* add support for saving LV2 plugin presets. * remove all hardcoded paths (e.g. theme path, user data path)
2015-06-03remove dependency on libuv.Hanspeter Portner-4/+0
2015-06-03migrate nsm support from libuv to libecore_con.Hanspeter Portner-0/+4
2015-05-27fix gnu11 flags.Hanspeter Portner-3/+1
2015-05-15update eo_ui submoduleHanspeter Portner-1/+2
2015-05-06prep up build system.Hanspeter Portner-6/+4
2015-05-05add build option for X11 wrap.Hanspeter Portner-0/+2
2015-04-05outsources eo_ui into a submoduleHanspeter Portner-1/+0
2015-03-31prototype state save/restore.Hanspeter Portner-0/+1
2015-03-30improve src tree structure. add portaudio client.Hanspeter Portner-29/+13
* improve source directory structure * prototype portaudio client (synthpod_pa) * make everything crosscompile with mingw32-w64
2015-03-29remove dependency on uuid.Hanspeter Portner-4/+0
* use simple int32_t instead of UUID for module instances.
2015-03-29add checks in driver callbacks.Hanspeter Portner-14/+9
2015-03-27app <-> independent and compiling.Hanspeter Portner-18/+12
* app <-> communication not yet functional
2015-03-25working towards complete app <-> ui independence.Hanspeter Portner-4/+7
* create libsynthpod * create libsynthpod_ui * create synthpod_jack * create synthpod_lv2
2015-03-23finalize state savingHanspeter Portner-1/+3
* add cJSON * save module list * save port list * save port connections
2015-03-17prototype state interface.Hanspeter Portner-0/+6
2015-03-16add files for upcoming rtmidi plugins.Hanspeter Portner-0/+2
2015-03-12prototype patcher widgetHanspeter Portner-0/+21
2015-03-10rt-safe module injection/ejection/removal.Hanspeter Portner-0/+1
* module injection/ejection to/from rt thread * module removal from UI via close icon * uri node / URID registry cleanup
2015-03-06prototype EoUI supportHanspeter Portner-4/+4
2015-03-04worker extension workingHanspeter Portner-3/+2