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2020-10-02Squashed 'subprojects/d2tk/' changes from ea894bf8..9cc8e978Hanspeter Portner-920/+4264
9cc8e978 pty: export HOME and USER env vars. 79505464 pty: do not call putenv, use excvpe instead. 786d4b69 util: fixes for util spawn. d6cc5a54 prototype util header with spawn method (unix only). 0279eda2 Merge commit 'e4017ca6e56aacae7121efe7e3a22b9f424c3f9b' into master e4017ca6 Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 1b1a1c3a..2452869d a656868a pugl: implement clipboard. 02beb92c add support for absolute paths in image widgets. 30b62a49 Merge commit '4e78a74d86e49010467e8c3b2ce3b1b0ace540a8' into pugl-next 4e78a74d Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 8f28d8c9..1b1a1c3a b5fb57ee custom: use hash data hash to discover changes. 98c991e7 nanovg/cairo: simplify custom backends. fe78d43a core: add rect argument to custom callback. 72728639 example: prototype custom widget. ad0a6a2c nanovg: use nvgFontFaceId, should be faster. 54962410 pugl: return correct number of file descriptors. 0a3ebe3f base: do not call poll on mingw. 4b4acefa base: add hooks to get vpty file descriptors. f6eec01f glfw: support enter/tab/backspace/escape keys. 21a7d0a9 glfw: preliminary working version. b7a951c5 glfw: add prototype skeleton. bab3da77 debug: fix wrong usage of D2TK_DEBUG define. 4d4f8b1f frontend: only get file descriptor on X11. 14e3a15c frontend: add d2tk_frontend_get_file_descriptor. 13db56c9 put debug overlay flag into config header. f7a9b6d5 Merge branch 'master' of /media/sdext/omk/d2tk 9b4ad8a7 meson: add missing dependency on glu. git-subtree-dir: subprojects/d2tk git-subtree-split: 9cc8e978137ba4f2ae198c36f52b5f07dd2b073e
2017-12-21app: support setting CV buffers in state changes.Hanspeter Portner-18/+31
2017-08-30nk: implement volume dial in audio/cv connections.Hanspeter Portner-40/+99
2017-08-30nk: prototype volume dial in audio/cv connections.Hanspeter Portner-3/+26
2017-04-30app: prototype division of port_t into substruct.Hanspeter Portner-82/+87
* substruct for control/audio/cv/atom port types.
2017-03-24fix ui:floatProtocol for lv2:CVPort.Hanspeter Portner-6/+14
2015-12-13clear not connected audio/cv buffer only once.Hanspeter Portner-19/+21
* clear not connected audio/cv buffer onl once * right after last disconnection, that is, instead of each period
2015-09-10implement nominalBlockLength and optionsInterface.Hanspeter Portner-56/+324
* notify plugins via optionsInterfaces about changed: * minBlockLength * nominalBlockLength * reinitialize plugins upon new maxBlockLength * resize Audio/CV buffers upon new maxBlockLength * add JACK callback for block length changes * add JACK callback for sample range changes
2015-07-01increase #ports in synthpod_audio/cv_sink/source.Hanspeter Portner-160/+156
2015-06-23allocate single aggregate port buffer per plugin.Hanspeter Portner-19/+58
* each port gets a slice from the buffer * ordered according to control/audio/cv/atom buffers * potentially more efficient to lookup/dereference for the plugin
2015-06-22limit port update events to 30Hz.Hanspeter Portner-47/+63
* limit port update events to 30Hz for: * control ports * audio ports * cv ports
2015-06-22add conditional monitoring of std ports.Hanspeter Portner-44/+248
* add conditional monitoring of std port * control * audio * cv
2015-06-19add cv2atom and atom2cv converter plugs.Hanspeter Portner-3/+428
2015-06-19add cv2control and control2cv converter plugs.Hanspeter Portner-1/+380
2015-03-10StdUI updates.Hanspeter Portner-75/+182
* consistent StdUI and EoUI updating * use progressbar widget for audio/cv peak protocol