AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorLines
2017-06-04nk: check for instance/data-access requirements.Hanspeter Portner-1/+50
2017-06-04nk: prototype preset save.Hanspeter Portner-55/+175
2017-06-02migrate to a lock-free pool-based urid allocator.Hanspeter Portner-2/+75
* it is not yet rt-safe, though.
2017-06-01use proper atomic type.Hanspeter Portner-7/+7
2017-06-01Merge commit 'cc1897c5232376b19bdde985b31766dd18e4509a'Hanspeter Portner-2/+2
2017-06-01use proper atomic type.Hanspeter Portner-2/+2
2017-06-01Merge commit '5d74cc081d4f5c82d40dd15249e1243702f6af09'Hanspeter Portner-2/+2
2017-06-01add braces to _Atomic.Hanspeter Portner-2/+2
2017-05-29kxstudio: patch by falktx (Filipe Coelho).Hanspeter Portner-8/+8
2017-05-27api: replace worker->uri with worker->urn.Hanspeter Portner-53/+45
2017-05-22nk: prevent double initialization of mod.Hanspeter Portner-1/+4
2017-05-21nk: clear module selector upon bundle load.Hanspeter Portner-1/+2
2017-05-21nk: sort bunde list.Hanspeter Portner-0/+1
2017-05-21state: extract rdfs:label from bundle path.Hanspeter Portner-2/+22
* do NOT use bundle path as rdfs:label anymore.
2017-05-21prototype automatic UI loading.Hanspeter Portner-48/+177
* re-add -g/-G command line arguments. * if started with UI, closing UI closes app, too.
2017-05-21rename synthpod_nk -> synthpod_ui.Hanspeter Portner-17/+6
2017-05-20nk: prototype spod bundle loading/switching.Hanspeter Portner-2/+22
2017-05-20nk: prototype spod bundle widget population.Hanspeter Portner-2/+155
2017-05-20add stoat.whitelist.Hanspeter Portner-5/+69
2017-05-16use sched_yield.Hanspeter Portner-1/+5
2017-05-16nk: improve _widget_string.Hanspeter Portner-3/+12
* let it take more space (width + height).
2017-05-14nk: hilight toolbar buttons on hover.Hanspeter Portner-10/+50
2017-05-13nk: mark port/param focus and automation state.Hanspeter Portner-31/+25
* with colored right sidebar.
2017-05-13nk: remove border of parameter widgets.Hanspeter Portner-2/+2
2017-05-13nk: remove dial in audio widget.Hanspeter Portner-5/+7
2017-05-13nk: more icons.Hanspeter Portner-27/+49
2017-05-13nk: show event icons in atom port widget.Hanspeter Portner-6/+34
2017-05-13nk: beautify control list.Hanspeter Portner-10/+42
2017-05-12nk: prototype toolbar.Hanspeter Portner-106/+158
2017-05-12nk: put controls on sidbar.Hanspeter Portner-313/+327
2017-05-12nk: only (un)load resources via lilv.Hanspeter Portner-4/+4
2017-05-11nk: load ui bundle/resources, fix ui:showInterface.Hanspeter Portner-23/+46
2017-05-11nk: zero-terminate editor in string widget.Hanspeter Portner-3/+3
2017-05-11nk: switch combo/editor boxes.Hanspeter Portner-29/+29
2017-05-10Merge commit 'e9316bc2e11b88365aabf478c546f53b8af458ee'Hanspeter Portner-4/+18
2017-05-10get rid of sscanf.Hanspeter Portner-1/+15
2017-05-10fix lv2_osc_symbol_get.Hanspeter Portner-3/+3
2017-05-09nk: initialize boolean prameters to (0,1).Hanspeter Portner-1/+12
2017-05-09app/nk: finalize MIDI automation.Hanspeter Portner-78/+177
2017-05-09Merge commit '12257a487ecd6adbc2c43a58ff407bab10387807'Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
2017-05-09Merge commit '279c5293b4b1d0abdf6190ab4600a1f4de6e75bf'Hanspeter Portner-76/+76
2017-05-09always render, but only convert upon changes.Hanspeter Portner-76/+76
2017-05-09omk: don't clear draw_list.Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
* we want to handle this manually in nk_pugl.
2017-05-08app/nk: improve parameter automation.Hanspeter Portner-7/+51
* supported types: atom:Bool/Int/Long/Float/Double.
2017-05-07app/nk: prototype parameter automations.Hanspeter Portner-207/+179
* only atom:Int supported for testing.
2017-05-07app/nk: preparations for parameter automation.Hanspeter Portner-48/+251
2017-05-07nk: merge r/w dynams, match dynams, sort dynams.Hanspeter Portner-97/+78
2017-05-07nk: implement parameter matching.Hanspeter Portner-5/+30
2017-05-07nk: fix _refresh_main_port_list.Hanspeter Portner-6/+15
* use port->name to match to.
2017-05-07nk: general beautification.Hanspeter Portner-94/+82
* plugin/preset list single click activation * plug/preset list hover coloring * plugin/preset list decreased height * control list decreased height of group labels