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- Copyright 2012-2015 David Robillard <http://drobilla.net>
+ Copyright 2012-2016 David Robillard <http://drobilla.net>
Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any
purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
@@ -146,8 +146,9 @@ typedef void (*PuglSpecialFunc)(PuglView* view, bool press, PuglKey key);
To create a window, call the various puglInit* functions as necessary, then
call puglCreateWindow().
- @param pargc Pointer to argument count (unused, for GLUT compatibility).
- @param argv Arguments (unused, for GLUT compatibility).
+ @param pargc Pointer to argument count (currently unused).
+ @param argv Arguments (currently unused).
+ @return A newly created view.
PUGL_API PuglView*
puglInit(int* pargc, char** argv);
@@ -198,8 +199,8 @@ puglInitResizable(PuglView* view, bool resizable);
Set transient parent before creating a window.
- On X11, parent_id must be a Window.
- On OSX, parent_id must be an NSView*.
+ On X11, parent must be a Window.
+ On OSX, parent must be an NSView*.
puglInitTransientFor(PuglView* view, uintptr_t parent);
@@ -255,9 +256,6 @@ puglGetNativeWindow(PuglView* view);
This is generally a pointer to a struct which contains all necessary state.
Everything needed in callbacks should be here, not in static variables.
- Note the lack of this facility makes GLUT unsuitable for plugins or
- non-trivial programs; this mistake is largely why Pugl exists.
puglSetHandle(PuglView* view, PuglHandle handle);