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Squashed 'timely.lv2/' changes from 0f5f290..e42f631
e42f631 prototype timely:multiplier. 43a7d74 remove duplicate parameter. 40852e9 fix last commit. 7de603f take time:speed into account for frames/beat. 54412b1 migrate test to lv2_logger. e995aff make TIMELY_MASK_FRAME less verbose. 81d266b fix upper bound sample error. 30c543a fix timely range upper bound. 4d9c71f include math.h 0438d64 modify API to work with atom object bodies, too. 538f2c1 add TIMELY_BAR_BEAT_RAW macro. ecd1626 add missing floor. e667702 fix TIMELY_BAR_BEAT macro, handle MASK_FRAME cb. 1434882 fix of last fix. 98fccf0 fix missing callbacks signals at sequencer start. 9909bb4 add test plugin, two more mask flags. 8b14e62 simplify API. git-subtree-dir: timely.lv2 git-subtree-split: e42f631d0d111de0e3f5c0bb5ebc9c4a09a16a70
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