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@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ typedef void (*PuglSpecialFunc)(PuglView* view, bool press, PuglKey key);
- Create a Pugl context.
+ Create a Pugl view.
To create a window, call the various puglInit* functions as necessary, then
call puglCreateWindow().
@@ -310,6 +310,25 @@ PUGL_API void
puglIgnoreKeyRepeat(PuglView* view, bool ignore);
+ Enter the drawing context.
+ This must be called before any code that accesses the drawing context,
+ including any GL functions. This is only necessary for code that does so
+ outside the usual draw callback or handling of an expose event.
+PUGL_API void
+puglEnterContext(PuglView* view);
+ Leave the drawing context.
+ This must be called after puglEnterContext and applies the results of the
+ drawing code (for example, by swapping buffers).
+PUGL_API void
+puglLeaveContext(PuglView* view, bool flush);
@name Event Callbacks
Functions to set event callbacks for handling user input.