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- Copyright 2012-2014 David Robillard <http://drobilla.net>
+ Copyright 2012-2015 David Robillard <http://drobilla.net>
Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any
purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
@@ -171,6 +171,19 @@ PUGL_API void
puglInitWindowMinSize(PuglView* view, int width, int height);
+ Set the window aspect ratio range before creating a window.
+ The x and y values here represent a ratio of width to height. To set a
+ fixed aspect ratio, set the minimum and maximum values to the same ratio.
+PUGL_API void
+puglInitWindowAspectRatio(PuglView* view,
+ int min_x,
+ int min_y,
+ int max_x,
+ int max_y);
Enable or disable resizing before creating a window.
@@ -349,10 +362,22 @@ PUGL_API void
puglGrabFocus(PuglView* view);
+ Block and wait for an event to be ready.
+ This can be used in a loop to only process events via puglProcessEvents when
+ necessary. This function will block indefinitely if no events are
+ available, so is not appropriate for use in programs that need to perform
+ regular updates (e.g. animation).
+PUGL_API PuglStatus
+puglWaitForEvent(PuglView* view);
Process all pending window events.
This handles input events as well as rendering, so it should be called
- regularly and rapidly enough to keep the UI responsive.
+ regularly and rapidly enough to keep the UI responsive. This function does
+ not block if no events are pending.
PUGL_API PuglStatus
puglProcessEvents(PuglView* view);