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+Pugl is a minimal portable API for GUIs which supports embedding and is
+suitable for use in plugins. It works on X11, Mac OS X, and Windows. GUIs can
+be drawn with OpenGL or Cairo.
+Pugl is vaguely similar to GLUT, but with some significant distinctions:
+ * Minimal in scope, providing only what is necessary to draw and receive
+ keyboard and mouse input.
+ * No reliance on static data whatsoever, so the API can be used in plugins or
+ multiple independent parts of a program.
+ * Single implementation, which is small, liberally licensed Free / Open Source
+ Software, and suitable for direct inclusion in programs if avoiding a
+ library dependency is desired.
+ * Support for embedding in other windows, so Pugl code can draw to a widget
+ inside a larger GUI.
+ * More complete support for keyboard input, including additional "special"
+ keys, modifiers, and support for detecting individual modifier key presses.
+For more information, see <http://drobilla.net/software/pugl>.
+ -- David Robillard <d@drobilla.net>