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14 daysMerge commit '3c5e6a74a3e7c45ea82611627516365560b76439'Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
2021-01-03Merge commit '487a797fdd1af60413594c60a6496a18edb119be'Hanspeter Portner-11522/+11453
2021-01-02Merge commit '15bf814e5ebf03004452ceafb868b1d65903dc2c'Hanspeter Portner-5256/+10740
2021-01-02Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 2452869d..0a23647aHanspeter Portner-9150/+0
0a23647a Add support for any mime type in X11 clipboard a92a194b Fix flaky build on Windows c186b1e8 Require Python3 to build documentation 47685df9 Fix Vulkan C++ bindings on Windows f829cfa6 Make demo programs work from any directory, and install them 07c8253c Print an error message in Vulkan demo when shaders are not found 2f48c3e6 Fix a conversion warning with MinGW 3d864fcd Add clipboard test e0b78036 Enable test coverage in debug builds 9cb91cde Make puglShow() realize automatically on Windows and MacOS 8f5d0ac9 Build documentation on CI 503ba93a Generate documentation with Sphinx caf3f4fc Update autowaf 60d0de60 Use named groups to group documentation c10c2a11 Remove top-level documentation group 5c651ee2 Add missing documentation for pugl::Event fields ceafc915 Document PUGL_CHECK_CONSTRUCTION a9922aa5 Use consistent spelling in documentation 81fd21da Remove file documentation 9de33a88 Don't use lists in return documentation c29aaaf6 Add pugl::World constructor overload that takes a flag ee6aebaf Remove stub event handlers from pugl::View 2d90c04e Simplify and minify icon SVG adc92518 Rename puglShowWindow and puglHideWindow to puglShow an puglHide 7ce9b578 Move puglEnterContext and puglLeaveContext to GL backends 3e9a2e01 Pass vkGetInstanceProcAddr to puglCreateSurface instead of a loader 6426b034 Suppress various clang-tidy warnings 0a5b734f X11: Fix position of child windows and clean up window creation code c7213092 Fix asan errors on X11 7dde3e3a Add missing return 6a8da097 Cleanup: Fix typo f0f058db Run clang-tidy on all headers and fix various issues 71a9fbf2 Make event handling in C++ more flexible 92edbddd Reorder methods in C++ bindings to match C header groups b62c1874 Add missing documentation for Vulkan f7cce780 Use static polymorphism in C++ bindings 71312135 Make use of exceptions optional 745bc88b Make most methods noexcept 416f0c25 Remove use of cassert and type_traits 5676ec17 Use a custom exception type for failed construction 5d7ddd8c Remove pugl::Clock af3d564e Remove use of std::unique_ptr 31e144e6 Cleanup: Remove unnecessary include acdcfb58 Cleanup: Remove unnecessary namespace qualifications 5ee68d83 Fix Cairo build on Mac and Windows f9923d7b Remove logging API caf17373 Clean up installed man pages d7703c82 Simplify header names 09fd1190 Remove GL and GLU wrapper headers d3d0c558 Make C++ bindings a separate package 750eb802 Move C++ bindings to a separate directory 21d1e350 Move implementation source files to a conventional src directory 4ae4dd5b Add Vulkan demos 1bcc437a Add Vulkan backends 472d42f2 Add missing include fd8743c7 Don't send expose events when window is minimized 612aae51 Replace live resize with loop events 9c2f1888 Remove unused Doxygen configuration keys a8291ce0 Fix documentation typo 66cec5bb Use single-line doc comments where possible eadf8e9a Resurrect puglEnterContext() and puglLeaveContext() 336ab6bc Add noexcept annotations to C++ Wrapper base class 244a0a5b Add timer methods to C++ wrapper 4535f74f Make backend function wrappers noexcept c6be2e43 Fix shader demo arguments to allow running at maximum framerate 01888707 Check all implementation files with IWYU 88e23c4a Simplify documentation structure 361b09bc Simplify documentation style c15b5da4 Fix outdated function reference in Cairo documentation f88687a9 Cleanup: Always put return types on their own line 77fccc3e Cleanup: Sort includes 641a4842 Cleanup: Use conventional style for ObjC methods 95beec3f Cleanup: Use consistent style for preprocessor conditionals 74a2b237 Fix clang-tidy issues in Windows code d678291f Fix building with clang on Windows 968289f7 Add no-cxx configure option 4857f9b7 Fix Cairo backend compilation on Windows 72b11f22 Use separate clang-tidy configurations in different directories feb6c4f7 Add missing include guards 063ddc8d Add missing includes 380edd6d Move includes to a separate directory e78e00a4 Check pugl.hpp and pugl.ipp with IWYU a385c3cb Cleanup: Reformat pugl.hpp and pugl.ipp 0020f0df Improve return code documentation 31245d35 Fix puglSendEvent() error handling on X11 a8d2aa27 Fix puglSetFrame() error handling on X11 83c4baa2 Split stub backends into separate files a8739542 Gracefully handle puglRealize() being called twice f2e294f9 Cleanup: Fix IWYU warnings c5ca8a3c Cleanup: Fix redundancy in test lists 5d26c74f Cleanup: Fix long line db0a48e7 Windows: Use default cursor on window decoration 743db997 Mac: React to cursorUpdate cdf10456 Update autowaf 879e876b Windows: Fix cursor when leaving client area f86e7d57 Windows: Return backend errors directly 4ee94da4 Set a default size in pugl_print_events 418a24f8 Show errors in example programs consistently d10bd6cc Only build header warning test in strict mode 06c0bc8a Add const attribute to backend accessors 5f8eca21 Use unsigned constants in enum definitions e552cb32 Suppress fewer MSVC warnings in header test d981ba92 Suppress IWYU warnings in build tests c918e02f Suppress MSVC warnings in header compile test 96f6df5b Explicitly declare all special methods 24949b82 Move cube vertex data to the file where it is actually used 4531da00 Fix potentially short string buffer 885eeb04 Suppress warnings in release builds 43345a03 Update autowaf fab3bc30 Use refresh rate to better drive example event loop 0b876c3d Add refresh rate hint a36408b7 Print all view hints in shader demo and hint tests cc5c38b1 Add puglGetViewHint() 6ca124d3 Set defaults to 32-bit RGBA with no depth or stencil buffer 72f019e7 Store real double buffer value in hint and remove separate variable 630f0a38 Refuse to set hints to PUGL_DONT_CARE when it doesn't make sense 3da72032 Change FPS print format in demos for consistency with other output 95703acf Fix library names in pkg-config files REVERT: 2452869d Add support for any mime type in X11 clipboard git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 0a23647a550f50820800e6db39bc36027adef339
2020-09-26Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 1b1a1c3a..2452869dHanspeter Portner-17/+59
2452869d Add support for any mime type in X11 clipboard git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 2452869dbea95853d030677d5af3acc7bdb59dcd
2020-09-26Merge commit 'e4017ca6e56aacae7121efe7e3a22b9f424c3f9b' into masterHanspeter Portner-17/+59
2020-09-19Merge commit '4e78a74d86e49010467e8c3b2ce3b1b0ace540a8' into pugl-nextHanspeter Portner-686/+2877
2020-09-19Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 8f28d8c9..1b1a1c3aHanspeter Portner-425/+1822
1b1a1c3a Call glXSwapIntervalEXT inside active context 44a7690c Move puglX11GlEnter() and puglX11GlLeave() above puglX11GlCreate() 181bd895 Fix clang-tidy warnings d70aa80d Improve struct packing abf44b12 Ensure that all API headers are warning-free 80838668 Update autowaf 98f8d255 Move stub backend function implementations to a detail header 90abfef1 Replace isHint bool with a flag 6c246041 Add scroll direction field 7d45962c Print crossing mode of enter and leave events 294c0f7d Replace grab flag in PuglEventFocus with crossing mode eac255d8 Remove redundant focus field from PuglEventMotion 02f230d5 Remove count field from PuglEventExpose 72ffadb2 Use more precise warning flags ad471068 Only enable MSVC C++ warnings when compiling C++ code e9b269a2 Clean up and strengthen warning flags f00254d4 Windows: Fix old-style declaration warning 3b497c84 Windows: Remove unused constants 3452f489 X11: Fix internal timer ID type to match public interface be340fd0 X11: Fix integer to enum conversion warning 6a776bb6 X11: Fix sign conversion warning 87219173 Fix publicly accessible non-virtual destructor warning d2c84ddf Enable Werror on CI 47b3bc94 Use ultra-strict warnings on CI 4dca7972 Mac: Disable Wno-direct-ivar-access daa0f272 Mac: Fix implicit conversion warnings 5182a034 Mac: Declare instance variables in implementation 9483e340 Fix werror with clang and deprecation warnings on Mac f53cdd77 Disable function type cast warnings with MinGW eb79d768 Fix cast alignment warnings on 32-bit ARM 6422c76a Strengthen lint target 3b43e447 Fix check for clang 2d907d2c Mac: Only create an AutoreleasePool for programs 2f90b716 Add puglSetCursor() 81f9debf Fix mouse position of events on high resolution MacOS eebb62db Disable implicit-fallthrough warning with clang 580e7b6e Cleanup: Fix implicit conversion warnings with clang abcff5b7 Cleanup: Fix uninitialised variables f036af07 Cleanup: Fix flake8 warnings eb85b35c Add editorconfig file 21d8b08e Windows: Only call SwapBuffers with OpenGL 4bb9fc2c Windows: Fix maximum size fe96ed3c Add default and maximum size 3200cda2 Fix indentation a4ac15c1 Use line comments where appropriate ceded7cf Use email address in copyright headers 85104b23 Fix file documentation 8d6c4141 Remove deprecated Doxygen configuration values c30e1178 Fix redisplay test on MacOS 8fffa8f1 Make show/hide test tolerant to multiple exposures 6e42e48a C++ Demo: Fix sync option cfdabdb6 C++ Demo: Fix help option 69366ae5 Set library environment for building against local Pugl c737df9c Disable pedantic warnings only for shader demo (for GLAD) 14e959b0 Set library flags on targets only instead of globally 256e75d9 Clean up Mac flags d26436ac Only set custom warnings flags with ultra-strict configuration 5e5d74d3 Add major version to library names 5695cb52 Remove deprecated pugl_stub_backend.h bfa08201 Remove deprecated backend headers 29ba1095 Mac: Use high-resolution backing surfaces 53d8fe0c Implement puglSetTransientFor() for Mac and Windows 20fd80c8 Shader Demo: Support both GL 3 and 4 11800b61 Shader Demo: Use a UBO ecc281c5 Shader Demo: Factor out version-dependent GLSL header ac3036fd Shader Demo: Factor out animated rectangle definitions 84222d61 Shader Demo: Explicitly set up alpha blending 45477347 Fix mismatched printf parameter warning a17e87f3 Update README 841b9705 Rewrite C++ bindings git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 1b1a1c3a48e31ad338d22b340408465843b25871
2020-04-03pugl: fixes for updated pugl.Hanspeter Portner-0/+0
2020-04-03Merge commit '8f01dade6c23c2cc0264c3b985e3574d74a9fa19'Hanspeter Portner-42160/+331
2020-04-03Squashed 'pugl/' changes from bdb46d41..8f28d8c9Hanspeter Portner-145/+239
8f28d8c9 Mac: Use NSMakeRect over CGRectMake 13a21624 Remove glew.h compatibility header 9c750a5f Switch to a submodule for autowaf and update to waf 2.0.19 ac77923e Remove waf in preparation for switching to a submodule ffa9c824 Strengthen warnings 6c870cb0 Make puglGetVisible() take a const view argument 8c6f2c0d Make puglSetString() safe to call with equal source and destination 91e47ef4 Add missing include 16ef15ca Increase space above field documentation slightly 2f1dd9fd Add types and documentation for all event types 00e0a5f2 Consistently use "view" terminology in API 5988b8bc Cleanup: Fix mismatched file comments c1e4ec68 Add PUGL_BAD_PARAMETER status fcddc793 Replace puglShowWindow() with puglRealize() 3f71daba GL3 Demo: Fix conversion warnings 87e9220f Mac: Fix various warnings 9b0f993c Remove unused configuration option ed0ef1d6 Add format attribute to logError() 89323040 Fix mismatched printf parameter types c4d54bb7 X11: Don't wait for timeouts less than a millisecond git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 8f28d8c97a8dedc240336da1ece4f4aa4207876b
2020-03-29Squashed 'pugl/' changes from ba4e39fd..bdb46d41Hanspeter Portner-37/+38
bdb46d41 Tolerate puglPostRedisplay() in configure handlers 3754f670 Reorder event struct definitions to match PuglEventType git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: bdb46d4142dc90f224576fb6540eecbd911fb0dd
2020-03-29Merge commit '6184c718b9dfff026a20c2c7fae305fcd7db19c8'Hanspeter Portner-37/+38
2020-03-24Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 630aed14..ba4e39fdHanspeter Portner-1147/+2534
ba4e39fd Use a more logical order for PuglEventType 8ecb6825 Use clearer names for pointer events 163748d1 Cleanup: Add missing includes bff54167 Italicise the brief description of structs as with functions a016618b Embed Demo: Add timer to occasionally reverse spin direction fc32174a Simplify puglRequestAttention() a5436185 Add timer events 7de08cd2 Cleanup: Remove unused include 1be8849a MacOS: Fix semantics of puglUpdate() with negative timeout 30803f50 MacOS: Move initial configure to just before map 67a34854 X11: Dispatch a configure event before the map for child windows aee7dd61 Make update test more tolerant 8f56441d Separate cached configuration from frame 67b79706 Factor out dispatching configure events in the drawing context ab7df6c8 Window Demo: Only redisplay on update when running continuously 28dd64df Only send update events when the view is visible d057cf14 Cleanup: Fix stale comment 18fdb8bf Cleanup: Fix documentation links 1463f6b4 Update event loop documentation efc053fe Unify event loop functions as puglUpdate() 3b9e8287 X11: Factor out flushing pending exposures 87351f2a Add type and flags to world 9f1467c2 Cleanup: Add puglDispatchSimpleEvent() internal utility 1e7fe220 Cleanup: Fix indentation 8a867c60 Cleanup: Fix misleading variable name b5d89e71 Cleanup: Remove redundant PUGL_API declarations 524bcced X11: Simplify implementation slightly 4693e9ac X11: Read from server if necessary in puglDispatchEvents() 390f756a X11: Don't use CAIRO_OPERATOR_SOURCE for blitting 6cca4669 X11: Only enter drawing context if an expose is pending fb3baa80 X11: Update frame immediately on ConfigureNotify e6a38b04 X11: Factor out selection event handling 6c250b3c Move configure shortcut and frame update to common implementation 02d565da Remove backend resize method 919dd020 Windows: Use ephemeral Cairo surface for drawing 1450f08a Mac: Remove unnecessary resize handler in GL backend f5cfed13 Print events in Cairo demo ec6c9ec3 Remove static data from Cairo demo 64f42380 Add note about building local documentation to README aee15a98 Add documentation about test programs 1f4abb03 Don't generate unused config header 554ac923 Add logging API e09f204a Strengthen warnings 5c02f37c Deprecate puglEnterContext() and puglLeaveContext() 7099dc56 GL3 Demo: Set up and tear down GL on PUGL_CREATE and PUGL_DESTROY dd903f46 GL3 Demo: Factor out GL setup and teardown 0444a408 Window Demo: Fix updating when not runnning continuously d949a78a Add test for redisplays posted in the event loop 9be7bab7 Add PuglEventClient and puglSendEvent() a303b937 X11: Factor out converting PuglEventExpose to XExposeEvent 9c82ba0a X11: Only send configure events if something has changed 2fb85397 Add test for basic view creation, exposure, and destruction a7cb0cb1 Add create, destroy, map, and unmap events ed301f05 Windows: Configure and redraw only when window is shown, not hidden be8ed18c Windows: Remove unused stores of rect 947703d7 Cleanup: Remove unnecessary includes 3dad9b15 Cleanup: Remove modern key from clang-format file 10191b2f Use autowaf.build_dox to build documentation 39b00cff Show data structures on group pages b7fef460 Fix build with unknown C compilers 72eed1c4 Improve documentation fonts on MacOS and Windows c0729196 Enable double buffering by default 7f0169be Add vsync command line options to demos 838deb81 Make PUGL_DONT_CARE the default for PUGL_SWAP_INTERVAL 2c82dfe8 Windows: Implement PUGL_DONT_CARE for PUGL_SWAP_INTERVAL 3ed884a7 X11: Implement PUGL_SWAP_INTERVAL 519a7c2c X11: Use function typedefs in glxext.h aa5b95bf Embed Demo: Simplify FPS counter 6d099f40 Embed Demo: Only redisplay on input when not running continuously 872ffe22 Add multiple window example b0338160 Factor out cube drawing 5f2e299a Move demo programs to examples directory f1f50a73 Split graphical utilities out from test_utils.h 63b748a6 Print when unknown events are received in tests 646af656 Add a user data handle to the world f54e63ab Windows: Fix initial frame size e0ca765a Windows: Prevent input in one window from stalling another ab21ada7 Mac: Prevent indefinite blocking of puglDispatchEvents 6a8eae83 Mac: Do not dispatch expose events if window is invisible 9b6c1c76 Mac: Make windows initially invisible as on other platforms 8b1189f7 Mac: Fix stub backend 8811c3f6 Link event types to the corresponding struct 7ea92df5 Remove redundant PuglEventClose 55689229 Cleanup: Remove use of GL defines in X11 backend 083cd9da Cleanup: Fix pyflake warnings 3c2c627a Cleanup: Fix typo 3a3e6c28 Cleanup: Fix some conversion warnings 5fc409c5 Test: Don't reuse cube vertices for background e5c80c7a Test: Fix cube rotation via mouse 2daf7728 Update clang-format configuration to more closely match pugl.h 91a08512 Fix overly long line 1b3b338f Improve documentation style and rewrite main page 0a4e6e15 Organize documentation into groups c0c6e93c Improve documentation b0b4c560 Fix broken link in documentation 16242ec8 Use terse Doxygen ref syntax 38e79b03 Move puglSetBackend() to init group e304a519 Move puglSetEventFunc() to init group 970ce315 Move puglPostRedisplay() and friend to graphics group 453acd4a Move puglGetClipboard() after puglGetClipboard() for consistency 4d6caa68 Move puglHasFocus() after puglGrabFocus() for consistency 3ab931da Move puglGetVisible() to more sensible location 01bc6c8b Move type definitions to the group they are relevant to 0f74becf Clean up event field documentation 5a93d33a Use 2-space indentation for CSS 6f24133e Strengthen ultra-strict warnings with clang 1512dce0 Omit deprecated implementations with PUGL_DISABLE_DEPRECATED ab7b305e X11: Fix return type of puglX11GlGetAttrib() 141cbc4b X11: Fix return type of puglX11GlHintValue() e0bb862c Add clang-format configuration file 94263127 Cleanup: Use a consistent style for all backend definitions 0d37c19a Cleanup: Adjust some code to be more clang-format friendly 94a2d5c3 Cleanup: Shorten event printing code 2c4c565e Cleanup: Fix includes 3ea46107 Disable android-cloexec-fopen clang-tidy warning d7f0b78c Put PuglEventAny member of PuglEvent first for easy initialization 56bdfc8c Add PUGL_BEGIN_DECLS and PUGL_END_DECLS macros 1950f1e8 Fix documentation grouping 40805c1f Fix arrow style in API documentation c74ce3f8 Cairo Test: Preserve clip rectangle for background fill 2495d2de X11: Use ephemeral Cairo surfaces for drawing 0059c630 Pass expose event to backend enter and leave functions 2bae8905 Remove immediate dispatch of exposed rects 73b8c91e X11: Use a single Cairo context 5dc5a573 Fix recursive context entry 13b66a56 Set waflib as vendored to fix Github language detection 3ab23845 X11: Fix XMoveResizeWindow error check 4fbcb7d2 Add tags to Windows builds to exclude Gitlab shared runners c1c69abf Only resize backend when necessary 0f114d84 X11: Dispatch exposures from event callbacks in the same iteration fe0a68d8 X11: Avoid calculating expose rect if view is not visible 9200b1f0 X11: Factor out adding a pending exposure ad39159e GL3 Test: Use instancing 47b8e416 GL3 Test: Update bindings to OpenGL 3.3 7568f5ca GL3 Test: Spread out rectangles more 731fa0d5 GL3 Test: Use core profile in shaders c61bf06e GL3 Test: Use camel case for shader variables 642b1d97 GL3 Test: Calculate border color on the GPU 13f9ef04 GL3 Test: Move shaders to separate files 91773de7 Mac: Fix missing NSWindowStyleMask type on 10.11 116188e6 Fix use of incorrect union element 69bae882 Cleanup: Fix whitespace 9685d663 Cleanup: Fix flake8 warnings ce90f7cc Check explicitly for GLX and only link against the necessary library 92288da7 Rename "backend" headers 1e0b9d8d Use consistent include guards 762c9c65 X11: Remove libGL dependency from GL backend 2d1131ea Clean up configuration code a9643c8e Mac: Move puglGetProcAddress() to mac_gl.m ca0beb09 Mac: Fix unused parameter warning 196d8d29 Cleanup: Remove unnecessary includes c3efbc6e Move puglGetProcAddress to pugl_gl_backend.h 47beee70 Add test utility function for logging errors dd90f0dc Ignore clang-tidy warnings in system headers e9ae30ea Add error checking option to test programs 077b3187 X11: Don't select on server socket if events are already queued 2f422e17 X11: Support pasting (almost) arbitrarily long text 50f1188c X11: Don't send expose events to invisible windows 8fe65911 X11: Track visibility via system events 78e402be Use typedefs for flag types 4e9a709c Cleanup: Use consistent formatting for field documentation 66c9a39d Add clang-tidy file and update lint target 2b029213 Fix various clang-tidy warnings 121bd7ed Make pugl_gl3_test deterministic b5f04656 Add puglStrerror() and improve test program error reporting be838db1 Remove redisplay flag and add puglPostRedisplayRect() d9239872 X11: Only merge expose events if they intersect d53ce364 Add puglGetNativeWorld() b848d137 Windows: Do not require backends to have a surface 5491a443 Add pugl_print_events test program c75c10d2 Expose functional stub backend 3c9a8a2e Move platform stub configuration code to platform headers 14c7cb54 Add stub implementations of backend functions 84754fdb Add verbose option to test programs to print all events a96511e3 Fix puglFreeView() crashes when window creation failed 3d6b80cc Cleanup: Fix whitespace fa1ee34b Fix duplicate word in error message a2a52a92 Windows: Fix GL context flags 184cd012 Don't use compatible profile in pugl_gl3_test 1c715643 Mac: Remove unused method declaration REVERT: 630aed14 x11: change redisplay to synchronous operation REVERT: a800033c osx: make proper use of PUGL_KEY_RETURN REVERT: 077d5fd3 Add Tab+Return to PuglKeys, implement missing ones REVERT: 799f4f7c Mac: Fix missing NSWindowStyleMask type on 10.11 git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: ba4e39fd54c19798713055e3cbdb4e6f989e135b
2020-03-24Merge commit 'a4c26ce5fc2b2188f32b4fab24727510834d3e68' into ↵Hanspeter Portner-2391/+5665
2019-12-27Squashed 'pugl/' changes from a800033c..630aed14Hanspeter Portner-18/+6
630aed14 x11: change redisplay to synchronous operation git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 630aed14abc61bfc4ce9052a7b285834eb4ff51d
2019-12-27Merge commit '25a3b7dafcd024e45505db4015fa9bae6cde94e3'Hanspeter Portner-18/+6
2019-09-28Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 077d5fd3..a800033cHanspeter Portner-1/+1
a800033c osx: make proper use of PUGL_KEY_RETURN git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: a800033c7c3d363f8133d45a49b459e148c61ca4
2019-09-28Merge commit 'caa33749baed72b96efa70feb72851b13b447fe4'Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
2019-09-28Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 320124db..077d5fd3Hanspeter Portner-176/+232
077d5fd3 Add Tab+Return to PuglKeys, implement missing ones 799f4f7c Mac: Fix missing NSWindowStyleMask type on 10.11 7bbbf3ce Fix memory leak fd68302b Windows: Fix Cairo backend build dd6a9c09 Add support for using a debug OpenGL context 2c8d8e23 Wrap deprecated declarations in PUGL_DISABLE_DEPRECATED c1a4ccae Build documentation on CI 92937b14 Improve documentation and use LV2 documentation style dc9f1d85 Clean up error handling 7162fa4f Add clipboard support 27e43183 Cleanup: Fix whitespace 178e747d Windows: Fix library leak during world creation 8b8ada46 Add OpenGL 3 test program 5fac75bd Windows: Fix puglGetProcAddress() for OpenGL 1.1 functions 67a57996 Make almost everything return a status 59359e4f Make event handler return a status 4c6ac6b1 Factor out parsing test options 36f9c9dd Reorganize header and documentation into coherent sections 4c07a013 Add puglSetWindowTitle() 89af2b1e Rename remaining init functions b0ac6dcb Add puglSetClassName() 075c5c59 Replace puglInitTransientFor() with puglSetTransientFor() e7ccbec8 Replace size and aspect ratio init functions with dynamic ones f98e804c Move trivial deprecated implementations to header 411c7ddb Move deprecated API to a separate section of the header d015bf0d Add puglGetWorld() e4446d09 X11: Factor out size hints calculation 1c585b57 Use consistent naming conventions 7d72d835 Windows: Fix configured size of child views 9b2bbb1c Windows: Draw while application menu is open 0e6f60a8 Windows: Improve resize smoothness slightly bb01cc1b Add swap interval hint 2a0287b0 X11: Improve puglPostRedisplay() performance 2d19fe67 Windows: Improve puglPostRedisplay() performance 69f38f68 Windows: Prevent event loop from running forever e5481cb3 Make pugl_test use a nested view and test focus and movement 81660702 Add functions to get and set view size and position f7695435 Windows: Factor out window flag functions 93f4920c Add puglDispatchEvents() 496f17c3 Add puglPollEvents() dacaaa5f Move puglGetTime() to PuglWorld 61476f5d X11: Move input method to world 9995566f X11: Move atoms to world e83c2b42 Add PuglWorld 5081d49f Add puglHasFocus() da0f76d2 Fix puglGrabFocus() to work between parent and children e148e8f3 Windows: Fix class registration for multiple views e3b2f305 Simplify hints implementation 0706f4a1 Mac: Dispatch expose events from drawing view 10bb9a28 Cleanup: Fix whitespace REVERT: 320124db Build documentation on CI REVERT: abd06cc9 Improve documentation and use LV2 documentation style REVERT: 4a8cb07c Add clipboard support REVERT: 48f741d9 Cleanup: Fix whitespace REVERT: 0e9eb9cb Windows: Fix library leak during world creation REVERT: 4e924bcc Add OpenGL 3 test program REVERT: bbb5a165 Windows: Fix puglGetProcAddress() for OpenGL 1.1 functions REVERT: ea02b164 Make almost everything return a status REVERT: 360662f8 Make event handler return a status REVERT: b1cc625c Factor out parsing test options REVERT: e03d9687 Reorganize header and documentation into coherent sections REVERT: dd003488 Add puglSetWindowTitle() REVERT: 73757f82 Rename remaining init functions REVERT: 9cd81370 Add puglSetClassName() REVERT: 0b3d2494 Replace puglInitTransientFor() with puglSetTransientFor() REVERT: 9c66697b Replace size and aspect ratio init functions with dynamic ones REVERT: 24a52e71 Move trivial deprecated implementations to header REVERT: 0db5b9e0 Move deprecated API to a separate section of the header REVERT: ce2f5c20 Add puglGetWorld() REVERT: 9e2f7a86 X11: Factor out size hints calculation REVERT: 1bb62ce5 Use consistent naming conventions REVERT: 49563c75 Windows: Fix configured size of child views REVERT: 71766846 Windows: Draw while application menu is open REVERT: 0edbce93 Windows: Improve resize smoothness slightly REVERT: 9612e3e5 Add swap interval hint REVERT: a7a65262 X11: Improve puglPostRedisplay() performance REVERT: 8803cb79 Windows: Improve puglPostRedisplay() performance REVERT: 3edc576f Windows: Prevent event loop from running forever REVERT: 093825d7 Make pugl_test use a nested view and test focus and movement REVERT: 353d9139 Add functions to get and set view size and position REVERT: d3a2a4ba Windows: Factor out window flag functions REVERT: b39f2ee3 Add puglDispatchEvents() REVERT: 3107c195 Add puglPollEvents() REVERT: 4bf5c047 Move puglGetTime() to PuglWorld REVERT: 92a65eae X11: Move input method to world REVERT: 30062da2 X11: Move atoms to world REVERT: 0179761f Add PuglWorld REVERT: 46742f73 Add puglHasFocus() REVERT: aa4619e9 Fix puglGrabFocus() to work between parent and children REVERT: 58d16272 Windows: Fix class registration for multiple views REVERT: ec19e1de Simplify hints implementation git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 077d5fd3dd2d1acfdf58839c40b6c96730ca9c69
2019-09-28Merge commit '09a86896ca5a4a07143778005b09bee0a46404a9'Hanspeter Portner-195/+239
2019-08-23Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 908e249c..320124dbHanspeter Portner-675/+1824
320124db Build documentation on CI abd06cc9 Improve documentation and use LV2 documentation style 4a8cb07c Add clipboard support 48f741d9 Cleanup: Fix whitespace 0e9eb9cb Windows: Fix library leak during world creation 4e924bcc Add OpenGL 3 test program bbb5a165 Windows: Fix puglGetProcAddress() for OpenGL 1.1 functions ea02b164 Make almost everything return a status 360662f8 Make event handler return a status b1cc625c Factor out parsing test options e03d9687 Reorganize header and documentation into coherent sections dd003488 Add puglSetWindowTitle() 73757f82 Rename remaining init functions 9cd81370 Add puglSetClassName() 0b3d2494 Replace puglInitTransientFor() with puglSetTransientFor() 9c66697b Replace size and aspect ratio init functions with dynamic ones 24a52e71 Move trivial deprecated implementations to header 0db5b9e0 Move deprecated API to a separate section of the header ce2f5c20 Add puglGetWorld() 9e2f7a86 X11: Factor out size hints calculation 1bb62ce5 Use consistent naming conventions 49563c75 Windows: Fix configured size of child views 71766846 Windows: Draw while application menu is open 0edbce93 Windows: Improve resize smoothness slightly 9612e3e5 Add swap interval hint a7a65262 X11: Improve puglPostRedisplay() performance 8803cb79 Windows: Improve puglPostRedisplay() performance 3edc576f Windows: Prevent event loop from running forever 093825d7 Make pugl_test use a nested view and test focus and movement 353d9139 Add functions to get and set view size and position d3a2a4ba Windows: Factor out window flag functions b39f2ee3 Add puglDispatchEvents() 3107c195 Add puglPollEvents() 4bf5c047 Move puglGetTime() to PuglWorld 92a65eae X11: Move input method to world 30062da2 X11: Move atoms to world 0179761f Add PuglWorld 46742f73 Add puglHasFocus() aa4619e9 Fix puglGrabFocus() to work between parent and children 58d16272 Windows: Fix class registration for multiple views ec19e1de Simplify hints implementation git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 320124dba4c5a234ef697957b48655042193897c
2019-08-23Merge commit '3e0e9be4124b949457c35748c16f74e140f38ae4' into pugl-appHanspeter Portner-909/+7177
2019-08-19Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 83a54034..908e249cHanspeter Portner-2566/+4125
908e249c Add missing link flag to pkg-config files 074da160 Fix repetition in README fd56df57 Mac: Disable annoying bell on tab or other special key presses 561b71af Clean up includes 45f8844c Fix unnecessary conversions eb443a7a Test: Remove use of static data 1c1e053d Replace puglIgnoreKeyRepeat() with a hint 9f4a5e73 Test: Remove locale hacks 7096fa29 Test: Configure GL in configure handler instead of main b628c721 Test: Factor out FPS printer 2359dafa Add missing string termination a865ca52 Windows: Support UTF8 in window titles bb083463 X11: Support UTF8 in window titles 568d40cd Cleanup: Remove debug print that snuck in there somehow 6f39b67f Fix incorrect comment 06d7b4ac Add stability and distribution information to README 0f3a2c93 X11: Implement double buffering for Cairo f97516d6 Add animation to Cairo test program 94f74785 Build separate libraries b0a92df9 Mac: Separate backends from platform implementation 074538ba Mac: Add Cairo on Quartz support 2ea798d6 Mac: Make drawView a generic NSView 64d63867 Mac: Separate NSOpenGLView from input handling view e383016b Mac: Use scrolling delta for scroll events b5b0b7c0 Add option to install entire implementation as headers 3f98de4e Set hidden visibility globally 776c8622 Properly check for libm 0d2c8a13 Build both static and shared library by default a90a4006 Windows: Enable shared library build f89f6813 Cleanup: Use fancy syntax for waf environments 626a49c2 Cleanup: Clean up includes and call IWYU in lint target 560bcf2a Cleanup: Fix Python whitespace 29940c35 Fix various clang-tidy warnings c74467ae Fix potential memory leak on error 37fe29ab Reorganize source to separate private implementation details 41dea932 Clean up file documentation 50499530 Completely separate backends from platform implementation 657a30d2 Expose PuglBackend type 982ea3f0 Add deprecation macro and deprecate puglInitResizable() e2389032 Move trivial backend dispatch functions to common code c6c91cca Move backend to PuglView 4d1a4421 Mac: Factor some functionality out into a backend 78ae4dee Windows: Disable DPI scaling 39553be4 Windows: Add Cairo support b63194bf Windows: Factor out GL backend 6a77f966 Make enterContext take a drawing parameter like leaveContext 6a3159df Give backends general names 65e0b7d4 Rename getHandle to getContext for consistent terminology ffdc710f Rename PuglDrawContext to PuglBackend a84fe498 Cleanup: Remove redundant preprocessor checks e340a602 Cleanup: Remove redundant context type checks 95bd290f Cleanup: Add some constness ca2adc0e Mac: Set test app bundles as high resolution capable e1c3b14e Mac: Fix warning e7236e4a Fix unused parameter warnings and prevent rot 4c4b388f Fix building pugl_cairo_test as C++ eada1042 Windows: Implement size constraints 55199fe9 Clear GL context in puglLeaveContext() on all platforms 1249cf5e Improve packing of PuglViewImpl f165aa36 X11: Fix unused parameter warnings 70d27c87 X11: Close input context on destruction 54b1d113 Add missing include 64c66ce8 Add logo resources 3359c78b Mac: Fix build on MacOS older than 10.10 2e3e9353 Mac: Use mach_absolute_time() 9bc5853b Use standard Cairo include paths everywhere 581cd286 Windows: Fix initial display once again bba5958e Use standard cairo include path 552e107f Fix type of PuglEventText::time c86f7123 Mac: Fix event Y coordinates 27dbe942 Handle backspace and delete consistently across platforms d746d668 Remove PUGL_API from documentation d32a920d Update README 31e0bebb Support additional special keys 3526bf91 Unify key and character fields and separate text events 1deb98f5 Rename PuglEventKey::utf8 to "string" with char type fd7d496d Remove view pointer from events 9d127e38 Represent event time as double in seconds on all platforms b0ddcbba Simplify modifier translation code 84834d6d Test: Move some generic code to a separate header 41373723 Test: Move test programs to a subdirectory face6b17 Test: Factor out event printing 18b6722f Mac: Give new child views focus on creation ebbf1568 Mac: Fix initial view allocation 5797e423 Mac: Fix coordinate system eb64f8a3 Windows: Only kill timer when actually flashing bea2f16b Windows: Only set double buffered pixel format when requested 07834ba6 Windows: Clean up and factor out window flags d29f1af6 Windows: Focus windows when shown 8ee97014 Windows: Improve live resize smoothness 614896f4 Windows: Fix configured window size 9ca94acb Windows: Use DispatchMessage b47bfc5f X11: Fix memory leak 1fef5e07 X11: Factor out impl variable for brevity 8d8e662f X11: Improve live resize smoothness b00a145f X11: Factor out window event mask 37b8dd23 Flatten AUTHORS file and add some missing people f08a5400 Update README 1b3f4fb9 Update stale copyright dates 99e18246 Use the standard blurb in pkg-config description 94f74fa9 Fix some warnings bc78b748 Tidy up X11 code f3366ef9 Make windows miniaturizable on MacOS 354f7576 Remove redundant and mismatched prototype 7a5dcae7 Show minimize and maximize buttons on top level windows on Windows 80191fb0 Add puglRequestAttention() 08149089 Fix handling of WM_DELETE_WINDOW a322ffa3 Use local display and window variables for brevity cb897c6f Implement focus on MacOS 17af0352 Implement puglGrabFocus on Windows and MacOS 1ffbc794 Implement aspect ratio on MacOS b5edd05a Set square aspect ratio on pugl_test window fa4b48b5 Gracefully handle failure to create window 35c050fb Set title and minimum size for pugl_cairo_test window 20114f1e Fix Cairo on MacOS fe920b2c Fix initial display on Windows again b5ef9123 Implement focus on Windows 51922247 Implement enter and leave notifications on Windows 0ef7e431 Print more information about crossing and focus events 38b4790a Implement enter and leave notifications on MacOS 89d7378a Show mouse enter/leave state in pugl_test background 29126e6a Remove redundant prototypes ae9a0995 Draw during resizing on MacOS 17a09847 Clean up Objective C syntax 93216a6e Draw during resizing on Windows 29605530 Draw in pugl_test according to display time aa7fb0aa Fix initial window display on Windows 97348233 Clean up event loop on MacOS c1e49399 Fix tracking area implementation on MacOS 753af54d Make time start from approximately zero 5ba0ea7c Remove redisplay flag and use system events instead 4d0704ba Add CI rows for MinGW e7d9aaf9 Use C for Windows implementation cf6da599 Make translateKey take a PuglEventKey f1697241 Send a configure event on initial window mapping 0497e8e5 Tidy up whitespace 9c3c035c Clean up redundant wrappers around SetWindowLongPtr 6d1e70f6 Implement attributes on Windows a1569ce4 Clean up window creation on Windows a70a3d26 Fix horizontal mouse axis in pugl_test d34e0eb1 Fix various warnings b81dbe03 Implement attributes on MacOS aa9eafb7 Enable vsync on Windows c91eb8ee Draw while resizing on Windows c3c55efc Add pugl_test option to continuously animate and report FPS 664b4972 Add puglGetTime() bd5d6431 Fix documentation b0d931d6 Remove redundant glFlush on Windows cb67b9a7 Fix some warnings on Windows d2dab054 Remove dead code on Windows 3d535a3f Fix double-buffering a522c769 Add pugl_test options for FSAA and double-buffering 2c19c0b4 Fix window embedding on Windows 5d13701f Fix window embedding on MacOS a978fd6a Make event processing non-blocking on MacOS bf7bc771 Defer to NSOpenGLView reshape method a6878f88 Build test programs in bundles on MacOS 6e0b096f Disable deprecation warnings on MacOS 4aaad461 Fix const casts bca65c93 Consistently use uint32_t everywhere 24aef2fc Fix void function prototypes 13dd9c75 Fix unnecessary const cast 7b5b07b2 Add ARM CI rows d4eaaff2 Add Gitlab CI configuration c18706e3 Fix MacOS build 7887266e Update autowaf 4806680e Squashed 'waflib/' changes from d7a7ca4..27a69a7 ee834a83 Add puglGetProcAddress for using OpenGL extensions 982c8910 Squash blank line 197c19b7 Add configuration API 51dcb00d Gracefully handle failure to create window in pugl_test 64f4befe Remove spurious double blank lines bde3d802 Add missing default case 26e312ac Fix implicit double to int casts 539c1ddd Clean up includes f46b5124 Factor out drawing context from platform window implementation cf80f78f Remove PUGL_CAIRO_GL 373b2b78 Separate internal types from functions 222320e6 Fix build with Python 2 b24b75b6 Squashed 'waflib/' changes from 542b3f5..d7a7ca4 e549b762 Merge commit 'b24b75b6ca964d5bb35e1802fdf7d03c794236ff' a1e028e8 Lint wscript 6b488fa9 Fix minor clang-tidy warnings befca854 Use clang-tidy for linting 4de165e8 Remove unused submodule 4426a331 Factor out common waf target parameters 423a9894 Print nicer configuration summary 9f009766 Don't abuse autowaf.define() bfa266ef Use autowaf.set_lib_env() 8093902d Clean up waf options bdb65b8a Remove test options 8421272d Replace waf-light with minimal waf wrapper script 77c56952 Add pyc files to gitignore b2ad0b0b Replace symlink with minimal waf wrapper script 8239fedf Squashed 'waflib/' changes from 391d285..542b3f5 6bdd956e Merge commit '8239fedfd133916f0ac26bd85ff524afca243ddb' 444365a7 Add msgs argument to autowaf.display_summary() and show flags efe1b5a2 Automatically define version 7e02a000 Add autowaf.add_flags() for terse flag definition 0173f690 Clean up wscript 0fcdaecc Add __pycache__ to gitignore 0186a78f Fix GCC8 fall-through warnings fb674c72 Switch to bundled source waf b6e9de2d Squashed 'waflib/' content from commit 391d285 62dcd3f3 Merge commit 'b6e9de2de9725e2f5a3170b8171ad1a1e95e8339' as 'waflib' c4dcd960 Don't clear entire cairo surface on each expose 39ad8490 Fix size constraints on OSX 70616649 Print Unicode code points in standard format 7a05b7c0 Send zero instead of replacement char for invalid key strings 665dfdd7 Fix implicit integer conversion warning 5a1dacef Fix duplicate method declaration 34c74f89 Implement special key handling on MacOS 8b8f97da Fix merging of expose events REVERT: 83a54034 omk: use /* fall through */ marker REVERT: 2986f313 omk: fix compiler warnings. REVERT: 371c2ec0 omk: fix memory leak. REVERT: 035884a7 Don't clear cairo canvas, support gl stencils REVERT: 4fed5fe2 Change ulong to unsigned long for FreeBSD. REVERT: 0406d71d Implement clipboard REVERT: c977ef29 Implement special key handling on MacOS git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 908e249c8030698e4313df9aeb81cfb7763e5150
2019-08-19Merge commit 'e8c89d26cc9e90ab8fa8673bf4f72271549f4946' into pugl_upstreamHanspeter Portner-3040/+47398
2019-04-12Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 2986f31..83a5403Hanspeter Portner-2/+1
83a5403 omk: use /* fall through */ marker git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 83a54034cc712b697ca37845f9d2d3e5a9f22974
2019-04-12Merge commit 'f2a3fbfb8703aa1640084f2a2582bd895b8dc85e'Hanspeter Portner-2/+1
2019-02-01Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 371c2ec..2986f31Hanspeter Portner-3/+5
2986f31 omk: fix compiler warnings. git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 2986f3130eb5f9d0fd36e098a9b401bc5a44f4ce
2019-02-01Merge commit 'feafb8e9e235c1252ef9d2bec5a51e0818a2d187'Hanspeter Portner-3/+5
2019-01-01Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 035884a..371c2ecHanspeter Portner-0/+1
371c2ec omk: fix memory leak. git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 371c2ec00b4d32864ad02e389eb983f036bd0f51
2019-01-01Merge commit 'f457aa376a047710cfdc8e06ce034db0df8133c3'Hanspeter Portner-0/+1
2018-09-02Merge commit 'a67bf6c51b6d780f803e79c205864c0b811c47a8'Hanspeter Portner-14/+0
2018-09-02Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 4fed5fe..035884aHanspeter Portner-15/+7
035884a Don't clear cairo canvas, support gl stencils git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 035884a7d1736f56e543e1e361f9fbe975a8706b
2018-09-02nanovg/pugl: enable stencil buffer.Hanspeter Portner-2/+4
2018-08-25don't reconfigure when only moving window.Hanspeter Portner-1/+3
2018-08-21implement initial partial redraw in cairo backend.Hanspeter Portner-0/+2
2018-08-12Squashed 'pugl/' content from commit 4fed5feHanspeter Portner-0/+3483
git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 4fed5fe231a3af0102ac67e32e4b446ea2733df9
2018-08-12Merge commit 'f378979292358387c66b18394880b5973e40e9e5' as 'pugl'Hanspeter Portner-0/+6632