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12 daysMerge branch 'master' of /media/sdext/omk/d2tkHEADmasterHanspeter Portner-1/+5
12 daysmeson: add missing dependency on glu.Hanspeter Portner-2/+6
2020-07-10base: add spinner_wave_float widget.Hanspeter Portner-14/+122
2020-07-10base: neither step nor interpolate wave points.Hanspeter Portner-27/+28
2020-07-03base: fix wave widget drawing limits.Hanspeter Portner-3/+3
2020-07-03base: add wave widget prototype.Hanspeter Portner-1/+173
2020-05-23fbdev: restructure input event loop.Hanspeter Portner-10/+5
2020-05-21cairo: fix premultiply of pixel data (endianness).Hanspeter Portner-5/+7
2020-05-20cairo/nanovg: fix aspect-ratio scaling of images.Hanspeter Portner-5/+7
2020-04-28spinner: add spinner_bool.Hanspeter Portner-9/+62
2020-04-28spinner: improve size/position of label/value.Hanspeter Portner-8/+8
2020-04-28spinner: add spinner label.Hanspeter Portner-18/+75
2020-04-26nanovg: silence compile warning.Hanspeter Portner-1/+3
2020-04-26pugl/nanovg: implement double buffering.Hanspeter Portner-23/+19
2020-04-20readme: use relative img links.Hanspeter Portner-9/+9
2020-04-17pty: add forkpty wrapper to use clone, vfork, fork.Hanspeter Portner-30/+122
2020-04-12pty: implement fallback max_red/green/blue colors.Hanspeter Portner-25/+69
2020-04-09meson: put -DGLEW_STATIC into glew dependency.Hanspeter Portner-2/+2
2020-04-03pugl: fixes for updated pugl.Hanspeter Portner-2/+3
2020-04-03Merge commit '8f01dade6c23c2cc0264c3b985e3574d74a9fa19'Hanspeter Portner-42160/+331
2020-04-03Squashed 'pugl/' changes from bdb46d41..8f28d8c9Hanspeter Portner-42160/+331
8f28d8c9 Mac: Use NSMakeRect over CGRectMake 13a21624 Remove glew.h compatibility header 9c750a5f Switch to a submodule for autowaf and update to waf 2.0.19 ac77923e Remove waf in preparation for switching to a submodule ffa9c824 Strengthen warnings 6c870cb0 Make puglGetVisible() take a const view argument 8c6f2c0d Make puglSetString() safe to call with equal source and destination 91e47ef4 Add missing include 16ef15ca Increase space above field documentation slightly 2f1dd9fd Add types and documentation for all event types 00e0a5f2 Consistently use "view" terminology in API 5988b8bc Cleanup: Fix mismatched file comments c1e4ec68 Add PUGL_BAD_PARAMETER status fcddc793 Replace puglShowWindow() with puglRealize() 3f71daba GL3 Demo: Fix conversion warnings 87e9220f Mac: Fix various warnings 9b0f993c Remove unused configuration option ed0ef1d6 Add format attribute to logError() 89323040 Fix mismatched printf parameter types c4d54bb7 X11: Don't wait for timeouts less than a millisecond git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 8f28d8c97a8dedc240336da1ece4f4aa4207876b
2020-04-02pugl: disable X11 threads.Hanspeter Portner-3/+2
2020-03-31base: always draw a minimal 1px bar.Hanspeter Portner-3/+3
2020-03-31pugl: do not trigger redisplay in PUGL_CONFIGURE.Hanspeter Portner-16/+21
2020-03-30base: beautify spinner widget.Hanspeter Portner-56/+277
2020-03-29test: add .end driver method to test mock.Hanspeter Portner-1/+15
2020-03-29Squashed 'pugl/' changes from ba4e39fd..bdb46d41Hanspeter Portner-37/+38
bdb46d41 Tolerate puglPostRedisplay() in configure handlers 3754f670 Reorder event struct definitions to match PuglEventType git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: bdb46d4142dc90f224576fb6540eecbd911fb0dd
2020-03-29Merge commit '6184c718b9dfff026a20c2c7fae305fcd7db19c8'Hanspeter Portner-37/+38
2020-03-29pugl: handle return/tab as non-special keys.Hanspeter Portner-27/+12
2020-03-29cairo: always copy tmp surf to pugl's front surf.Hanspeter Portner-15/+35
2020-03-28fix some memleaks.Hanspeter Portner-1/+5
2020-03-26test: add context callback to mock driver.Hanspeter Portner-1/+15
2020-03-26cairo: fixes for upd. pugl, dedicated cairo surf.Hanspeter Portner-14/+62
2020-03-24initial fixes for updated pugl.Hanspeter Portner-129/+162
2020-03-24Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 630aed14..ba4e39fdHanspeter Portner-2391/+5665
ba4e39fd Use a more logical order for PuglEventType 8ecb6825 Use clearer names for pointer events 163748d1 Cleanup: Add missing includes bff54167 Italicise the brief description of structs as with functions a016618b Embed Demo: Add timer to occasionally reverse spin direction fc32174a Simplify puglRequestAttention() a5436185 Add timer events 7de08cd2 Cleanup: Remove unused include 1be8849a MacOS: Fix semantics of puglUpdate() with negative timeout 30803f50 MacOS: Move initial configure to just before map 67a34854 X11: Dispatch a configure event before the map for child windows aee7dd61 Make update test more tolerant 8f56441d Separate cached configuration from frame 67b79706 Factor out dispatching configure events in the drawing context ab7df6c8 Window Demo: Only redisplay on update when running continuously 28dd64df Only send update events when the view is visible d057cf14 Cleanup: Fix stale comment 18fdb8bf Cleanup: Fix documentation links 1463f6b4 Update event loop documentation efc053fe Unify event loop functions as puglUpdate() 3b9e8287 X11: Factor out flushing pending exposures 87351f2a Add type and flags to world 9f1467c2 Cleanup: Add puglDispatchSimpleEvent() internal utility 1e7fe220 Cleanup: Fix indentation 8a867c60 Cleanup: Fix misleading variable name b5d89e71 Cleanup: Remove redundant PUGL_API declarations 524bcced X11: Simplify implementation slightly 4693e9ac X11: Read from server if necessary in puglDispatchEvents() 390f756a X11: Don't use CAIRO_OPERATOR_SOURCE for blitting 6cca4669 X11: Only enter drawing context if an expose is pending fb3baa80 X11: Update frame immediately on ConfigureNotify e6a38b04 X11: Factor out selection event handling 6c250b3c Move configure shortcut and frame update to common implementation 02d565da Remove backend resize method 919dd020 Windows: Use ephemeral Cairo surface for drawing 1450f08a Mac: Remove unnecessary resize handler in GL backend f5cfed13 Print events in Cairo demo ec6c9ec3 Remove static data from Cairo demo 64f42380 Add note about building local documentation to README aee15a98 Add documentation about test programs 1f4abb03 Don't generate unused config header 554ac923 Add logging API e09f204a Strengthen warnings 5c02f37c Deprecate puglEnterContext() and puglLeaveContext() 7099dc56 GL3 Demo: Set up and tear down GL on PUGL_CREATE and PUGL_DESTROY dd903f46 GL3 Demo: Factor out GL setup and teardown 0444a408 Window Demo: Fix updating when not runnning continuously d949a78a Add test for redisplays posted in the event loop 9be7bab7 Add PuglEventClient and puglSendEvent() a303b937 X11: Factor out converting PuglEventExpose to XExposeEvent 9c82ba0a X11: Only send configure events if something has changed 2fb85397 Add test for basic view creation, exposure, and destruction a7cb0cb1 Add create, destroy, map, and unmap events ed301f05 Windows: Configure and redraw only when window is shown, not hidden be8ed18c Windows: Remove unused stores of rect 947703d7 Cleanup: Remove unnecessary includes 3dad9b15 Cleanup: Remove modern key from clang-format file 10191b2f Use autowaf.build_dox to build documentation 39b00cff Show data structures on group pages b7fef460 Fix build with unknown C compilers 72eed1c4 Improve documentation fonts on MacOS and Windows c0729196 Enable double buffering by default 7f0169be Add vsync command line options to demos 838deb81 Make PUGL_DONT_CARE the default for PUGL_SWAP_INTERVAL 2c82dfe8 Windows: Implement PUGL_DONT_CARE for PUGL_SWAP_INTERVAL 3ed884a7 X11: Implement PUGL_SWAP_INTERVAL 519a7c2c X11: Use function typedefs in glxext.h aa5b95bf Embed Demo: Simplify FPS counter 6d099f40 Embed Demo: Only redisplay on input when not running continuously 872ffe22 Add multiple window example b0338160 Factor out cube drawing 5f2e299a Move demo programs to examples directory f1f50a73 Split graphical utilities out from test_utils.h 63b748a6 Print when unknown events are received in tests 646af656 Add a user data handle to the world f54e63ab Windows: Fix initial frame size e0ca765a Windows: Prevent input in one window from stalling another ab21ada7 Mac: Prevent indefinite blocking of puglDispatchEvents 6a8eae83 Mac: Do not dispatch expose events if window is invisible 9b6c1c76 Mac: Make windows initially invisible as on other platforms 8b1189f7 Mac: Fix stub backend 8811c3f6 Link event types to the corresponding struct 7ea92df5 Remove redundant PuglEventClose 55689229 Cleanup: Remove use of GL defines in X11 backend 083cd9da Cleanup: Fix pyflake warnings 3c2c627a Cleanup: Fix typo 3a3e6c28 Cleanup: Fix some conversion warnings 5fc409c5 Test: Don't reuse cube vertices for background e5c80c7a Test: Fix cube rotation via mouse 2daf7728 Update clang-format configuration to more closely match pugl.h 91a08512 Fix overly long line 1b3b338f Improve documentation style and rewrite main page 0a4e6e15 Organize documentation into groups c0c6e93c Improve documentation b0b4c560 Fix broken link in documentation 16242ec8 Use terse Doxygen ref syntax 38e79b03 Move puglSetBackend() to init group e304a519 Move puglSetEventFunc() to init group 970ce315 Move puglPostRedisplay() and friend to graphics group 453acd4a Move puglGetClipboard() after puglGetClipboard() for consistency 4d6caa68 Move puglHasFocus() after puglGrabFocus() for consistency 3ab931da Move puglGetVisible() to more sensible location 01bc6c8b Move type definitions to the group they are relevant to 0f74becf Clean up event field documentation 5a93d33a Use 2-space indentation for CSS 6f24133e Strengthen ultra-strict warnings with clang 1512dce0 Omit deprecated implementations with PUGL_DISABLE_DEPRECATED ab7b305e X11: Fix return type of puglX11GlGetAttrib() 141cbc4b X11: Fix return type of puglX11GlHintValue() e0bb862c Add clang-format configuration file 94263127 Cleanup: Use a consistent style for all backend definitions 0d37c19a Cleanup: Adjust some code to be more clang-format friendly 94a2d5c3 Cleanup: Shorten event printing code 2c4c565e Cleanup: Fix includes 3ea46107 Disable android-cloexec-fopen clang-tidy warning d7f0b78c Put PuglEventAny member of PuglEvent first for easy initialization 56bdfc8c Add PUGL_BEGIN_DECLS and PUGL_END_DECLS macros 1950f1e8 Fix documentation grouping 40805c1f Fix arrow style in API documentation c74ce3f8 Cairo Test: Preserve clip rectangle for background fill 2495d2de X11: Use ephemeral Cairo surfaces for drawing 0059c630 Pass expose event to backend enter and leave functions 2bae8905 Remove immediate dispatch of exposed rects 73b8c91e X11: Use a single Cairo context 5dc5a573 Fix recursive context entry 13b66a56 Set waflib as vendored to fix Github language detection 3ab23845 X11: Fix XMoveResizeWindow error check 4fbcb7d2 Add tags to Windows builds to exclude Gitlab shared runners c1c69abf Only resize backend when necessary 0f114d84 X11: Dispatch exposures from event callbacks in the same iteration fe0a68d8 X11: Avoid calculating expose rect if view is not visible 9200b1f0 X11: Factor out adding a pending exposure ad39159e GL3 Test: Use instancing 47b8e416 GL3 Test: Update bindings to OpenGL 3.3 7568f5ca GL3 Test: Spread out rectangles more 731fa0d5 GL3 Test: Use core profile in shaders c61bf06e GL3 Test: Use camel case for shader variables 642b1d97 GL3 Test: Calculate border color on the GPU 13f9ef04 GL3 Test: Move shaders to separate files 91773de7 Mac: Fix missing NSWindowStyleMask type on 10.11 116188e6 Fix use of incorrect union element 69bae882 Cleanup: Fix whitespace 9685d663 Cleanup: Fix flake8 warnings ce90f7cc Check explicitly for GLX and only link against the necessary library 92288da7 Rename "backend" headers 1e0b9d8d Use consistent include guards 762c9c65 X11: Remove libGL dependency from GL backend 2d1131ea Clean up configuration code a9643c8e Mac: Move puglGetProcAddress() to mac_gl.m ca0beb09 Mac: Fix unused parameter warning 196d8d29 Cleanup: Remove unnecessary includes c3efbc6e Move puglGetProcAddress to pugl_gl_backend.h 47beee70 Add test utility function for logging errors dd90f0dc Ignore clang-tidy warnings in system headers e9ae30ea Add error checking option to test programs 077b3187 X11: Don't select on server socket if events are already queued 2f422e17 X11: Support pasting (almost) arbitrarily long text 50f1188c X11: Don't send expose events to invisible windows 8fe65911 X11: Track visibility via system events 78e402be Use typedefs for flag types 4e9a709c Cleanup: Use consistent formatting for field documentation 66c9a39d Add clang-tidy file and update lint target 2b029213 Fix various clang-tidy warnings 121bd7ed Make pugl_gl3_test deterministic b5f04656 Add puglStrerror() and improve test program error reporting be838db1 Remove redisplay flag and add puglPostRedisplayRect() d9239872 X11: Only merge expose events if they intersect d53ce364 Add puglGetNativeWorld() b848d137 Windows: Do not require backends to have a surface 5491a443 Add pugl_print_events test program c75c10d2 Expose functional stub backend 3c9a8a2e Move platform stub configuration code to platform headers 14c7cb54 Add stub implementations of backend functions 84754fdb Add verbose option to test programs to print all events a96511e3 Fix puglFreeView() crashes when window creation failed 3d6b80cc Cleanup: Fix whitespace fa1ee34b Fix duplicate word in error message a2a52a92 Windows: Fix GL context flags 184cd012 Don't use compatible profile in pugl_gl3_test 1c715643 Mac: Remove unused method declaration REVERT: 630aed14 x11: change redisplay to synchronous operation REVERT: a800033c osx: make proper use of PUGL_KEY_RETURN REVERT: 077d5fd3 Add Tab+Return to PuglKeys, implement missing ones REVERT: 799f4f7c Mac: Fix missing NSWindowStyleMask type on 10.11 git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: ba4e39fd54c19798713055e3cbdb4e6f989e135b
2020-03-24Merge commit 'a4c26ce5fc2b2188f32b4fab24727510834d3e68' into ↵Hanspeter Portner-2391/+5665
2020-03-03base: add float spinner.Hanspeter Portner-4/+161
2020-03-02frontend: merge pugl/fbdev headers where possible.Hanspeter Portner-107/+172
2020-02-27pty: redesign as for loop macro with max{r,g,b}.Hanspeter Portner-21/+182
2020-02-16fbdev: add flag to enable cursor visibility.Hanspeter Portner-7/+16
2020-02-16fbdev: fix touch event up.Hanspeter Portner-2/+2
2020-02-10meson: make dependency on glew optional.Hanspeter Portner-1/+1
2020-02-09base: add label to spinner.Hanspeter Portner-28/+60
2020-02-09base: fix spinner subids.Hanspeter Portner-10/+45
2020-02-08base: add d2tk_base_toggle_label_image.Hanspeter Portner-5/+22
2020-02-07gitlab-ci: only run analysis for x86 targets.Hanspeter Portner-3/+14
2020-02-05gitlab-ci: use buster for linux build targets.Hanspeter Portner-3/+3
2020-02-05base: work on spinner and bar widgets.Hanspeter Portner-56/+139
2020-02-05base: deprecate clone function support in pty.Hanspeter Portner-23/+9
2020-02-04meson: check for fonts using system fonts.Hanspeter Portner-17/+38