AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
25 hoursmeson: add build-{examples,tests} build time flags.HEADmasterHanspeter Portner-43/+57
25 hoursttf: add SIL Open Font License.Hanspeter Portner-0/+93
25 hoursMerge branch 'master' of /media/sdext/omk/d2tkHanspeter Portner-45/+58
25 hoursmeson: add optional dependency on fontconfig.Hanspeter Portner-33/+37
27 hoursbase: put font faces into defines.Hanspeter Portner-7/+14
2 daysmeson: add define for libinput >= 1.15.0.Hanspeter Portner-1/+10
3 daysMerge branch 'master' of /media/sdext/omk/d2tkHanspeter Portner-3/+11
3 daysbackend: load images relative to bundle_path.Hanspeter Portner-3/+11
5 daysMerge branch 'master' of /media/sdext/omk/d2tkHanspeter Portner-7/+13
5 daysexample: only render keyboard with libevdev.Hanspeter Portner-7/+13
10 daysMerge branch 'master' of /media/sdext/omk/d2tkHanspeter Portner-4/+4
10 daysexample: correctly use D2TK_EVDEV macro.Hanspeter Portner-5/+5
10 daysbase: cosmetics.Hanspeter Portner-7/+8
11 daysmeson: improve handling of libevdev.Hanspeter Portner-6/+16
2019-12-30base: capture terminal bell.Hanspeter Portner-2/+34
2019-12-30base: fix killing of child pty process.Hanspeter Portner-11/+50
2019-12-27pugl: force full refresh upon FOCUS/ENTER/LEAVE.Hanspeter Portner-3/+24
2019-12-27Merge commit '25a3b7dafcd024e45505db4015fa9bae6cde94e3'Hanspeter Portner-18/+6
2019-12-27Squashed 'pugl/' changes from a800033c..630aed14Hanspeter Portner-18/+6
2019-12-18base: add reinit argument to d2tk_base_pty.Hanspeter Portner-5/+10
2019-12-17base: implement cursor focus.Hanspeter Portner-11/+32
2019-12-17example: add 'clear' cmd to internal pty.Hanspeter Portner-5/+14
2019-12-16example: prototype internal linenoise pty.Hanspeter Portner-7/+59
2019-12-16Merge commit '9dad9e3df37cfbfc28c3ccb0ed4d097ff0476913' as 'linenoise'Hanspeter Portner-0/+1612
2019-12-16Squashed 'linenoise/' content from commit 4a961c0Hanspeter Portner-0/+1612
2019-12-16example: prototype internal pseudoterminal.Hanspeter Portner-2/+35
2019-12-16pty: extend invocation with clone callback func.Hanspeter Portner-12/+29
2019-12-15base: prototype synchronous atom probe.Hanspeter Portner-81/+108
2019-12-12base: prototype deinit mechanisms for atoms.Hanspeter Portner-34/+100
2019-12-10base: handle vterm key modifiers.Hanspeter Portner-22/+37
2019-12-10base: split pty into behave an draw functions.Hanspeter Portner-39/+41
2019-12-09base: set again in vpty write.Hanspeter Portner-2/+13
2019-12-06base: make pty rows/cols dependent on font height.Hanspeter Portner-12/+17
2019-12-05example: fix check for D2TK_PTY.Hanspeter Portner-5/+5
2019-12-05base: use config.h to store D2TK_PTY macro.Hanspeter Portner-14/+29
2019-12-04base: prototype pty widget.Hanspeter Portner-19/+725
2019-12-04base: put atom body structures into source files.Hanspeter Portner-166/+172
2019-12-03base: template pty widget skeleton.Hanspeter Portner-11/+131
2019-11-21test: extend d2tk_base_meter tests.Hanspeter Portner-1/+23
2019-11-21test: extend d2tk_base_link tests.Hanspeter Portner-7/+17
2019-11-02hash: use new chained invocation as by author.Hanspeter Portner-6/+27
2019-11-02core: manually unroll _d2tk_com_equal function.Hanspeter Portner-6/+23
2019-11-02core: speed up D2TK_COM_FOREACH.Hanspeter Portner-13/+31
2019-11-02core: do some inlining.Hanspeter Portner-79/+63
2019-11-01hash: fix typos.Hanspeter Portner-4/+4
2019-11-01base: make max/num both uint32_t vec [2].Hanspeter Portner-17/+27
2019-11-01base: make atom_body to be dynamically allocated.Hanspeter Portner-8/+56
2019-10-31test: add more test for link.Hanspeter Portner-2/+25
2019-10-31test: add more tests for layout.Hanspeter Portner-1/+125
2019-10-31test: add more label unit tests.Hanspeter Portner-1/+45