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Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 83a54034..908e249c
908e249c Add missing link flag to pkg-config files 074da160 Fix repetition in README fd56df57 Mac: Disable annoying bell on tab or other special key presses 561b71af Clean up includes 45f8844c Fix unnecessary conversions eb443a7a Test: Remove use of static data 1c1e053d Replace puglIgnoreKeyRepeat() with a hint 9f4a5e73 Test: Remove locale hacks 7096fa29 Test: Configure GL in configure handler instead of main b628c721 Test: Factor out FPS printer 2359dafa Add missing string termination a865ca52 Windows: Support UTF8 in window titles bb083463 X11: Support UTF8 in window titles 568d40cd Cleanup: Remove debug print that snuck in there somehow 6f39b67f Fix incorrect comment 06d7b4ac Add stability and distribution information to README 0f3a2c93 X11: Implement double buffering for Cairo f97516d6 Add animation to Cairo test program 94f74785 Build separate libraries b0a92df9 Mac: Separate backends from platform implementation 074538ba Mac: Add Cairo on Quartz support 2ea798d6 Mac: Make drawView a generic NSView 64d63867 Mac: Separate NSOpenGLView from input handling view e383016b Mac: Use scrolling delta for scroll events b5b0b7c0 Add option to install entire implementation as headers 3f98de4e Set hidden visibility globally 776c8622 Properly check for libm 0d2c8a13 Build both static and shared library by default a90a4006 Windows: Enable shared library build f89f6813 Cleanup: Use fancy syntax for waf environments 626a49c2 Cleanup: Clean up includes and call IWYU in lint target 560bcf2a Cleanup: Fix Python whitespace 29940c35 Fix various clang-tidy warnings c74467ae Fix potential memory leak on error 37fe29ab Reorganize source to separate private implementation details 41dea932 Clean up file documentation 50499530 Completely separate backends from platform implementation 657a30d2 Expose PuglBackend type 982ea3f0 Add deprecation macro and deprecate puglInitResizable() e2389032 Move trivial backend dispatch functions to common code c6c91cca Move backend to PuglView 4d1a4421 Mac: Factor some functionality out into a backend 78ae4dee Windows: Disable DPI scaling 39553be4 Windows: Add Cairo support b63194bf Windows: Factor out GL backend 6a77f966 Make enterContext take a drawing parameter like leaveContext 6a3159df Give backends general names 65e0b7d4 Rename getHandle to getContext for consistent terminology ffdc710f Rename PuglDrawContext to PuglBackend a84fe498 Cleanup: Remove redundant preprocessor checks e340a602 Cleanup: Remove redundant context type checks 95bd290f Cleanup: Add some constness ca2adc0e Mac: Set test app bundles as high resolution capable e1c3b14e Mac: Fix warning e7236e4a Fix unused parameter warnings and prevent rot 4c4b388f Fix building pugl_cairo_test as C++ eada1042 Windows: Implement size constraints 55199fe9 Clear GL context in puglLeaveContext() on all platforms 1249cf5e Improve packing of PuglViewImpl f165aa36 X11: Fix unused parameter warnings 70d27c87 X11: Close input context on destruction 54b1d113 Add missing include 64c66ce8 Add logo resources 3359c78b Mac: Fix build on MacOS older than 10.10 2e3e9353 Mac: Use mach_absolute_time() 9bc5853b Use standard Cairo include paths everywhere 581cd286 Windows: Fix initial display once again bba5958e Use standard cairo include path 552e107f Fix type of PuglEventText::time c86f7123 Mac: Fix event Y coordinates 27dbe942 Handle backspace and delete consistently across platforms d746d668 Remove PUGL_API from documentation d32a920d Update README 31e0bebb Support additional special keys 3526bf91 Unify key and character fields and separate text events 1deb98f5 Rename PuglEventKey::utf8 to "string" with char type fd7d496d Remove view pointer from events 9d127e38 Represent event time as double in seconds on all platforms b0ddcbba Simplify modifier translation code 84834d6d Test: Move some generic code to a separate header 41373723 Test: Move test programs to a subdirectory face6b17 Test: Factor out event printing 18b6722f Mac: Give new child views focus on creation ebbf1568 Mac: Fix initial view allocation 5797e423 Mac: Fix coordinate system eb64f8a3 Windows: Only kill timer when actually flashing bea2f16b Windows: Only set double buffered pixel format when requested 07834ba6 Windows: Clean up and factor out window flags d29f1af6 Windows: Focus windows when shown 8ee97014 Windows: Improve live resize smoothness 614896f4 Windows: Fix configured window size 9ca94acb Windows: Use DispatchMessage b47bfc5f X11: Fix memory leak 1fef5e07 X11: Factor out impl variable for brevity 8d8e662f X11: Improve live resize smoothness b00a145f X11: Factor out window event mask 37b8dd23 Flatten AUTHORS file and add some missing people f08a5400 Update README 1b3f4fb9 Update stale copyright dates 99e18246 Use the standard blurb in pkg-config description 94f74fa9 Fix some warnings bc78b748 Tidy up X11 code f3366ef9 Make windows miniaturizable on MacOS 354f7576 Remove redundant and mismatched prototype 7a5dcae7 Show minimize and maximize buttons on top level windows on Windows 80191fb0 Add puglRequestAttention() 08149089 Fix handling of WM_DELETE_WINDOW a322ffa3 Use local display and window variables for brevity cb897c6f Implement focus on MacOS 17af0352 Implement puglGrabFocus on Windows and MacOS 1ffbc794 Implement aspect ratio on MacOS b5edd05a Set square aspect ratio on pugl_test window fa4b48b5 Gracefully handle failure to create window 35c050fb Set title and minimum size for pugl_cairo_test window 20114f1e Fix Cairo on MacOS fe920b2c Fix initial display on Windows again b5ef9123 Implement focus on Windows 51922247 Implement enter and leave notifications on Windows 0ef7e431 Print more information about crossing and focus events 38b4790a Implement enter and leave notifications on MacOS 89d7378a Show mouse enter/leave state in pugl_test background 29126e6a Remove redundant prototypes ae9a0995 Draw during resizing on MacOS 17a09847 Clean up Objective C syntax 93216a6e Draw during resizing on Windows 29605530 Draw in pugl_test according to display time aa7fb0aa Fix initial window display on Windows 97348233 Clean up event loop on MacOS c1e49399 Fix tracking area implementation on MacOS 753af54d Make time start from approximately zero 5ba0ea7c Remove redisplay flag and use system events instead 4d0704ba Add CI rows for MinGW e7d9aaf9 Use C for Windows implementation cf6da599 Make translateKey take a PuglEventKey f1697241 Send a configure event on initial window mapping 0497e8e5 Tidy up whitespace 9c3c035c Clean up redundant wrappers around SetWindowLongPtr 6d1e70f6 Implement attributes on Windows a1569ce4 Clean up window creation on Windows a70a3d26 Fix horizontal mouse axis in pugl_test d34e0eb1 Fix various warnings b81dbe03 Implement attributes on MacOS aa9eafb7 Enable vsync on Windows c91eb8ee Draw while resizing on Windows c3c55efc Add pugl_test option to continuously animate and report FPS 664b4972 Add puglGetTime() bd5d6431 Fix documentation b0d931d6 Remove redundant glFlush on Windows cb67b9a7 Fix some warnings on Windows d2dab054 Remove dead code on Windows 3d535a3f Fix double-buffering a522c769 Add pugl_test options for FSAA and double-buffering 2c19c0b4 Fix window embedding on Windows 5d13701f Fix window embedding on MacOS a978fd6a Make event processing non-blocking on MacOS bf7bc771 Defer to NSOpenGLView reshape method a6878f88 Build test programs in bundles on MacOS 6e0b096f Disable deprecation warnings on MacOS 4aaad461 Fix const casts bca65c93 Consistently use uint32_t everywhere 24aef2fc Fix void function prototypes 13dd9c75 Fix unnecessary const cast 7b5b07b2 Add ARM CI rows d4eaaff2 Add Gitlab CI configuration c18706e3 Fix MacOS build 7887266e Update autowaf 4806680e Squashed 'waflib/' changes from d7a7ca4..27a69a7 ee834a83 Add puglGetProcAddress for using OpenGL extensions 982c8910 Squash blank line 197c19b7 Add configuration API 51dcb00d Gracefully handle failure to create window in pugl_test 64f4befe Remove spurious double blank lines bde3d802 Add missing default case 26e312ac Fix implicit double to int casts 539c1ddd Clean up includes f46b5124 Factor out drawing context from platform window implementation cf80f78f Remove PUGL_CAIRO_GL 373b2b78 Separate internal types from functions 222320e6 Fix build with Python 2 b24b75b6 Squashed 'waflib/' changes from 542b3f5..d7a7ca4 e549b762 Merge commit 'b24b75b6ca964d5bb35e1802fdf7d03c794236ff' a1e028e8 Lint wscript 6b488fa9 Fix minor clang-tidy warnings befca854 Use clang-tidy for linting 4de165e8 Remove unused submodule 4426a331 Factor out common waf target parameters 423a9894 Print nicer configuration summary 9f009766 Don't abuse autowaf.define() bfa266ef Use autowaf.set_lib_env() 8093902d Clean up waf options bdb65b8a Remove test options 8421272d Replace waf-light with minimal waf wrapper script 77c56952 Add pyc files to gitignore b2ad0b0b Replace symlink with minimal waf wrapper script 8239fedf Squashed 'waflib/' changes from 391d285..542b3f5 6bdd956e Merge commit '8239fedfd133916f0ac26bd85ff524afca243ddb' 444365a7 Add msgs argument to autowaf.display_summary() and show flags efe1b5a2 Automatically define version 7e02a000 Add autowaf.add_flags() for terse flag definition 0173f690 Clean up wscript 0fcdaecc Add __pycache__ to gitignore 0186a78f Fix GCC8 fall-through warnings fb674c72 Switch to bundled source waf b6e9de2d Squashed 'waflib/' content from commit 391d285 62dcd3f3 Merge commit 'b6e9de2de9725e2f5a3170b8171ad1a1e95e8339' as 'waflib' c4dcd960 Don't clear entire cairo surface on each expose 39ad8490 Fix size constraints on OSX 70616649 Print Unicode code points in standard format 7a05b7c0 Send zero instead of replacement char for invalid key strings 665dfdd7 Fix implicit integer conversion warning 5a1dacef Fix duplicate method declaration 34c74f89 Implement special key handling on MacOS 8b8f97da Fix merging of expose events REVERT: 83a54034 omk: use /* fall through */ marker REVERT: 2986f313 omk: fix compiler warnings. REVERT: 371c2ec0 omk: fix memory leak. REVERT: 035884a7 Don't clear cairo canvas, support gl stencils REVERT: 4fed5fe2 Change ulong to unsigned long for FreeBSD. REVERT: 0406d71d Implement clipboard REVERT: c977ef29 Implement special key handling on MacOS git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 908e249c8030698e4313df9aeb81cfb7763e5150
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