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Squashed 'pugl/' changes from bdb46d41..8f28d8c9
8f28d8c9 Mac: Use NSMakeRect over CGRectMake 13a21624 Remove glew.h compatibility header 9c750a5f Switch to a submodule for autowaf and update to waf 2.0.19 ac77923e Remove waf in preparation for switching to a submodule ffa9c824 Strengthen warnings 6c870cb0 Make puglGetVisible() take a const view argument 8c6f2c0d Make puglSetString() safe to call with equal source and destination 91e47ef4 Add missing include 16ef15ca Increase space above field documentation slightly 2f1dd9fd Add types and documentation for all event types 00e0a5f2 Consistently use "view" terminology in API 5988b8bc Cleanup: Fix mismatched file comments c1e4ec68 Add PUGL_BAD_PARAMETER status fcddc793 Replace puglShowWindow() with puglRealize() 3f71daba GL3 Demo: Fix conversion warnings 87e9220f Mac: Fix various warnings 9b0f993c Remove unused configuration option ed0ef1d6 Add format attribute to logError() 89323040 Fix mismatched printf parameter types c4d54bb7 X11: Don't wait for timeouts less than a millisecond git-subtree-dir: pugl git-subtree-split: 8f28d8c97a8dedc240336da1ece4f4aa4207876b
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